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The State of Martech & Marketing Operations

The State of Martech & Marketing Operations examines the technology challenges organisations are facing, through a survey of CMOs. The industry continues to grow, and maturity levels are improving,..

State of Sales Enablement, Operations and Technology 2023/24

The State of Sales Enablement, Operations & Technology examines how organisations are adopting sales enablement strategies to deal with a more digital, and more complex, sales process. While..

What, Why, How of Marketing Technology - 4Ps of martech

It's our goal at the LXA to help make marketing technology simple…or at least simpler! What follows in our 4Ps of Marketing Technology guide, will provide you a practical framework for doing exactly..


Marketing Operations Best Practice Guide

It looks at the purpose of the marketing ops role, why it has become more important , how marketing ops teams are structured, and the responsibilities of the function.

What, Why, How of Marketing Stack Management

A lot of change can unfold in the transformative digital world over the course of a year - we don’t have to look much further than the progression of the Marketing Technology Landscape to be reminded.


Sales Enablement & Sales Operations Best Practice Guide

In this guide, we will explore the key components of effective sales enablement and efficient sales operations, and provide practical advice for those looking to implement a sales enablement strategy.


Martech News: Weekly Round-Up 11/08/23

Semrush Releases 2 New ChatGPT Features, DoubleVerify Buys Scibids for $125 Million, Hightouch Raises $38 Million, Zeotap CDP Adds Option to Load Non-Customer Data...and more!


AI-Powered Personalisation: Driving Transformation with your CMS

Whether an organisation is beginning the process of digital transformation, or looking to take their online presence and customer experience to the next level, a strong digital foundation can be the..

What is a Chief Marketing Technologist (CMT)?

A Chief Marketing Technologist is basically a big-shot marketing executive who's in charge of all things tech-related when it comes to marketing.


What is a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)?

The Chief Revenue Officer role has evolved throughout the years, to become the disruptive and innovative position it is today. At the forefront of innovation, the CRO embodies a dynamic approach,..


What is a Chief AI Officer (CAIO)?

A Chief AI Officer (CAIO) is a senior executive responsible for the overall strategy, development, and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives within an organisation. The CAIO is..


What is a Marketing Operations Specialist?

Step right up and see the world of Marketing Operations Specialists! These brave souls are the unsung heroes of the marketing realm, juggling data-driven strategies like circus performers mastering..