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MarTech News: Round-Up 21/07/23

This week in martech: Telegram Raises $210 Millions ,Microsoft Launches Vector Search, Acxiom And Hugo & Cat Announce Partnership...and more!Deloitte Digital Acquires Blended Digital Branch Raises..

What is a Sales Operations Manager?

But without knowing exactly what a sales operations manager is, it might all seem a bit complicated. But don't stress, we've got you. 


The Threads Algorithm: Here's How it Works

Threads. Millions of you have joined so far. The supposed "Twitter killer". The new virtual home of Gordon Ramsay and Shakira. But does anyone even know how it works? 


What is a Prompt Engineer?

Prompt engineering involves the process of refining the text prompt submitted by a user to generative AI models in order to achieve specific tasks.


6 AI in Marketing Books You Need to Read in 2023

It's time to learn from the people in the know. The people who have written the literal book on the topic. The people you need to turn to when the AI rabbit hole goes too deep. 

That's why we've..


What you need to know about CDPs

Join Andrew Stephenson, Marketing Director for Treasure Data as he explores the 5 key functions of a Customer Data Platform, or CDP.

As part of our Explainer Series, Andrew delves into the world of..


What is the Future of AI in Marketing?

With such tech as AI, the whole industry and way of working will likely change. Though change is scary, it does mean unprecedented progress, efficiency, and effectiveness. It also means AI has to..


Cannes Lions Winners: Who did it best, Humans or AI?

The potential of AI and machine learning as a whole is vast, as it empowers brands to craft personalised content on a large scale, fostering a heightened sense of customer loyalty and engagement.



Mastering Customer Insight and AI: The Keys to Marketing Success

Our latest AntiCon DialUp session, delivered over two consecutive days, brings together two insightful sessions that explore the power of customer insight and the transformative force of AI in..

Top Martech Experts to follow

We've created a list of the top martech experts to follow, so you can do just that - follow them. Keep an eye on their career moves, their insights and ideas, and where they get their shoes. 


Consent-Based Marketing: Bringing Privacy and Consent to Your Tech Stack

Watch on-demand: Consent-Based Marketing: Bringing Privacy and Consent to Your Tech Stack

The Ultimate A-Z of Sales Enablement, Operations and Tech Terminology

We've put together a list of the top Sales Enablement, Operations and Tech Terminology. Consider this your top-tier, helpful, and hopefully comprehensive dictionary of phrases, acronyms and..