State of Sales Enablement, Operations and Technology 2023/24


Sales Enablement and Sales Operations are becoming ever more important, with adoption increasing as organisations look to align their sales content, training, technology and processes to overall business objectives. 

Our second annual State of Sales Enablement, Operations and Technology report, produced in association with Seismic, is based on a survey of sales leaders and looks at the challenges faced by organisations as they adapt to changing buyer behaviours. 

Key themes explored in the report include: 

  • The growing complexity of customer journeys, and the need for sales teams to adapt their methods of selling. 
  • How teams measure performance and tie sales enablement to business outcomes. 
  • Current maturity levels, and the key areas and competencies that sales teams are focused on improving. 
  • How modern sales teams are using technology to improve performance. 
  • The potential uses of AI in sales enablement and operations.



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