How to Source Over €1.5M+ of Qualified Sales Pipeline in 12 Weeks

When mentioned to most B2B marketers, content syndication and display advertising often receives a lacklustre response. Been there, done that, rejected the leads, didn’t know which channel to attribute the t-shirt sale to.

But what if you can elevate these channels and teach them a few new tricks to generate that predictable pipeline full of pedigree leads?

Watch our session to learn how today’s leading marketers combine content syndication and display ads, in what we like to call Integrated Media, with tactics to target and convert the whole buying group, serving up prime, predictable pipeline. 

Key takeaways:

  • Generate quality leads and clicks that count 
  • Guide the buying pack down the funnel
  • How to source €1.5M+ of qualified sales pipeline in 12 weeks 
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