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TikTok's Algorithm in 2022: Here’s How it Works

TikTok is expected to reach a whopping 84.9M users by the end of 2022. On top of this, as of April 2022, almost half of TikTok users in the U.S were a young demographic, being between 18 to 34 years.  


How to Effectively Measure Email Marketing

Exploring what the metrics are, how to calculate them, how to use them, and how to turn them into actionable insights can impact your program

Marketing Leaders Book Club: Digital Darwinism 2nd Edition by Tom Goodwin

Digital Darwinism guides its reader through the unrelenting pace of change and uncertainty we see in the industry today.

It’s The 90th Birthday Of Lego - What Can We Learn From Their CX?

In its most basic form, Legos are just building blocks. But loyal customers know the brand is much more than that.


Combining Zero-party Data and Customer Loyalty in a Cookieless Era

As acquiring new customers becomes more difficult, companies should focus on their existing customers. 

MarTech WebSesh - The State of CX: CMO Trends & Insights

Catch our latest MarTech WebSesh on-demand to learn how you can use data and technology to deliver amazing customer experiences and a superior CX strategy. 


MarTech News: Round-Up 11/08/22

CleverTap Raises $105M Aisera Raises $90M mParticle Acquires Vidora Ping Identity Bought for $2.8 Billion Omeda Announces Investment From Sverica Capital OpenText Unveils Cloud Editions 22 Accenture..

Which Social Media Platform Algorithm Will Work For You?

The algorithms of the biggest social media platforms are constantly changing. As the priorities of these companies shift, the strategies of content creators will need to as well.


Why Is Email Production So Hard? And What You Can Do About It

There is so much that goes into making one email. It can take over two days to create and execute a new email campaign, according to 40% of companies. So why is email production so hard? And what can..

How to Increase Online Sales Using Live Chat

Online businesses often look to leverage their sales and business by using social media and community to their fullest potential. This means developing the right brand messaging while communicating..

MarTech News: Round-Up 04/08/22

Klaviyo Raises $100M, Cynthia.Io Launches On-Demand AI Platform, Balance Raises $56M, Fexa Raises $40M, Bain & Company Debuts NPSx, Oracle Announces Next Gen Fusion Sales, Cordial Secures $50M, Gap..


Top Tips for Creating Effective Email Content

It takes plenty of practice to perfect the art of creating effective email campaigns - and there is a lot to learn.