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Five Key Questions to Ask Your Martech Vendor About Acquisition & Enrichment

Acquisition and enrichment strategies drive new customer growth, engage existing customers, and generate key psychographic data to fuel personalization

Why Half of the Money I Spend on AI is Wasted

This will be a roundup of AI/ML trends/adoptions across marketing functions as Kashyap Kompella explores how half of the money he spends on AI is a waste!

Martech News: Weekly Round-up 31/03/21

ActionIQ Extends its Funding Round to $100M, VIDIZMO Partners with NESIC, Yum! Brands Acquire Tictuk, Act-On Announces New Funding, Twitter Acquires Reshuffle, AnyRoad has Raised $10M. 

What Is BitClout and Should I Care?

Bitclout is a brand-new crypto platform that runs on creator popularity or ‘clout’. Fans, or just enterprising buyers, can purchase creator coins to push up their favourite creator’s coin. The..

Why Marketing Operations is the Hottest Rising Profession and how You can Capitalize on it

As the martech stack goes beyond just automation, and as it absorbs more of the sales cycle, tech becomes a centre focus. From the embracing of these new technologies comes the need to hire..

Algorithms & Incentives: The Secret Forces of the Web

Rand Fishkin teaches you how to use Algorithms and Incentives to master SEO and have the internet bend to your will when trying to be more visible!

Content tech - The Strategy and Stack you Need to Reach a Global Audience.

But, what is Content Tech? How does it differ from other martech solutions? What’s it’s whole deal? Paula Shannon, Chief Evangelist at Lilt, is discussing all o' this in her upcoming sesh, at..

How AI & No Code Transform Every Marketer into a Maker

Come learn how a remarkable wave of AI and no code tools can turn you from a mere marketer into a marketing maker, overnight. You can build apps, agents, automations, integrations, workflows, web..

A Common Sense Approach to Creating Exceptional Customer Experience

Martech won’t solve your rubbish CX journey design - A common sense approach to creating exceptional customer experience with Tom Goodwin!

Dear Marketers and Technologists, We Need to Talk About the Shiny New Tech You've Got Your Eye On

Before you put that nice, new, shiny piece of tech on your sky-high pile, take a step back. I know the people on Twitter have been talking about it. I know it’s got a snazzy name. But ask yourself..

Using Clubhouse and More to Grow Your B2B Instagram

Growing your B2V Instagram has never been easier with the 10 hacks from Larry Kim, that use the likes of Clubhouse and more to nurture growth!

Q&A: Carey Straetz

Meet Carey Straetz! The Director of Growth of Payroll, she is an expert in all things digital and content. And I'm content with listening to her talk marketing all day, heh heh. Sorry, bad pun...