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How and Why to build Customer Trust

The best ways you and your business can build customer trust, and why this should be a priority. Customer trust is absolutely imperative to have loyalty

The What, Why and How of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is all about using software to automate all the boring, daily marketing stuff you've gotten sick of doing. 

What Is Foot in the Door Theory and How Should You Use It?

What is foot in the door theory in marketing and sales and how can you implement it in your marketing strategy?

Linkedin's Algorithm in 2021: Here's How it Works

LinkedIn's algorithm, like many others, is a well-kept secret. But, thanks to research, observation, and trial and error, a few key tip and tricks have emerged.

3 Ways to Maximize Productivity for Marketers with Bynder and Wrike

Bynder partners with work management platform Wrike to help brands worldwide maximize productivity and accelerate business growth.

Core Concepts of Predictive Marketing: Using Look-alike Targeting

Look-alike targeting is a predictive analytics technique that can help you reach your ideal customer.

Flipping the Webinar Script: 5 Rules to Break in 2021 and Beyond

Not sure about how to deliver effective, engaging webinars? You gotta break some rules. Discover the 5 webinar rules to break in 2021 here.

Martech News: Weekly Round-up 04/08/21

Contentful raises €148.3M at a valuation of €2.5B, Odoo Raises €180M, Dixa raises $105M, Qualtrics Acquires Clarabridge for $1.125 Billion, Uniphore To Acquire Jacada, Adobe Partners With..

Should Marketers Invest in Personalised Video Content?

80% of Twitter users say they prefer video content. Hubspot reported that over 50% of consumers want to see more video content from brands they follow. So the audience is there. Now, it's up to you..

What, Why, How of How of Growth Hacking

Our guide to growth hacking, looking into growth techniques with examples and best practices.

How the Low Code/ No Code Movement Helps Marketers

Forrester expects the no-code/low-code market to reach a staggering $21.2 Billion by 2022. In an era where digital transformation and innovation play a critical role in organisational growth,..

Top Tips for Migrating your Marketing Automation Platform

Transitioning from one technology platform to another will always come with some pain points and teething troubles, the key to success lies in planning ahead and being prepared to mitigate these as..