Watch On-Demand: The Marketing Operations Playbook for 2024


As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, effective marketing operations stands out as increasingly crucial, particularly amid this transformative era of martech growth.

In this session with Darrell Alfonso, the Director of Marketing Strategy and Operations at, author of "The Martech Handbook" and a seasoned course instructor, he will unveil The Marketing Operations Playbook for 2024

Darrell will decode the essential strategies, skills, and tools necessary to achieve marketing success not only in the upcoming year but well into the future. From mastering data-driven decision-making and embracing automation to crafting seamless customer journeys and optimising your technological toolkit, this session is designed to provide you with actionable insights to thrive in an ever-evolving marketing landscape.

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Master Marketing Operations with Darrell Alfonso

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With 12 weeks of flexible learning, you'll gain proficiency in: 

  • Understanding the different roles and responsibilities in marketing operations, and the importance of aligning platforms, tools, and technical resources
  • Applying marketing stack design principles, best practices for selecting technology, and governance best practices in marketing operations 
  • Analysing system stability, email deliverability, and database health 
  • Evaluating marketing compliance data management best practices 
  • Creating an internal platform and tool adoption plans 
  • Comprehending the importance of measuring marketing operations productivity, tying marketing operations to business success, and demonstrating the value of marketing operations in delivering ROI  
  • Applying principles of marketing automation, personalization, and orchestration, to building effective marketing campaigns 
  • Evaluating the predictions for the future of marketing operations, and keep advancing your marketing ops skills