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You've Heard of Shadow IT, but Have you Heard of Shadow Creative?

Discover the meaning of shadow creative and learn how creative automation can protect companies from the dangers posed by this practice.

Going Virtual: How 10 Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement

The examples featured in this guide show how digital experiences can help achieve a broad number of goals, from powering key marketing campaigns to taking an entire industry conference online.

Why Marketing Executives Need to Speak Marketing Operations (MOPs)

Senior Marketing executives need to better understand their Marketing Operations team if they want to achieve their strategic objectives. Learn why!

Who is Carlos Doughty?

This is a page about Carlos Doughty founder of the MarTech Alliance, the contents of which were definitely not influenced by Carlos Doughty and written by the MarTech Alliance editorial team of their..

How DAM Can Turbo-Charge Your Website and Create Powerful Digital Experiences

Want to speed up your website and reduce bounce rate? Find out how image optimization and automation can create powerful digital experiences for your customers.

Announcing ON24 Breakouts

From a webinar to breakout rooms and back — deliver a seamless experience and capture rich audience data with ON24 Breakouts.

Abbvie Transforms In-person Events Digitally To Drive Ongoing Engagement

Read our case study to see how Abbvie Transforms In-person Events Digitally To Drive Ongoing Engagement

Core Concepts of Predictive Marketing: What is Customer Lifetime Value?

Digital advertisers have long relied on third-party cookie data to track web activity. However, these methods are becoming obsolete as the demand for greater data privacy forces marketers to adapt..

Meet the odd couple: Creative + Operations

Creative operations brings structure, process and metrics to the creative process to optimize timeliness, capacity and costs. It involves looking at the creative process like a supply chain and..

The Yin to the Yang: Marketing Operations and Demand Generation Teams

See how demand gen and marketing operations teams are like yin and yang. Learn how harmony with the two drives results in integrated B2B marketing strategies.

Martech News: Weekly Round-up 26/05/21

Klaviyo Raises $320 million. Zoom Announces Events Platform. Snap Acquires WaveOptics. Pitch Raises $85M. Raises $43M. Twilio Buys Zipwhip. Piano Raises $88M

How Dutch hair cosmetics brand Keune styles exceptional client experiences with DAM

See how Dutch hair care specialists Keune leverage Bynder to maintain brand consistency across global markets.