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How to make the Perfect Thumbnail for Video Selling

When dipping your toes into the waters of video marketing, you want to make sure you have the perfect thumbnail. Here's how to achieve that!

What Is Zero Party Data and How Can You Use It?

Zero party data is when a customer willingly and proactively shares information with a company. This might include product preferences, personal details and context, or how they want to be identified..

Why Omnichannel Marketing Is Key to Customer Engagement

How do you crawl, walk, and run to omnichannel marketing? This question was at the core of LXAs recent Web Sesh, Driving Customer Engagement in a Distracted World

Down to the Crunch: Third-Party Cookie Alternatives for When the Cookie Crumbles

Google's announcement that it will phase out third-party cookies on Chrome by 2022 shook stuff up.

How Marketers Can Make the Most of Small Hybrid Events

Big, small or in between — you need to ensure your hybrid events drive real, measurable results. Understand the essentials in this post.

Martech News: Weekly Round-up 11/08/21

Bluecore Raises $125 Million, Fullstory Adds $103 Million, Raises $23 Million, Hootsuite Buys AI-Based Chat System Heyday, Aurea Buys XANT, Â Auddy Limited Has Acquired Radio Wolfgang,..

What, Why, How of 'Interactive Voice Experience'

More than 55% of US adults own smart speakers, or home products. 45 million use them every day, and 70 million at least monthly. How can marketers use this boom? But first, let's find out:

The Best of Hybrid, In-person and Virtual Experiences

I pitched this article to my manager and one of the words I used in my provisional title resulted in me hearing him swear for the first time. On reflection, I am ashamed of the word I used. It’s..


Five Examples of Apology Emails (and Why They Work)

if you're facing these issues: expired promotional codes, privacy breaches, or emailing the wrong list segment, then it might be time for an apology email.

How Brands Can Utilise User Generated Content

User-generated content has become a very important part of a modern marketing strategy. In an era where trust is king, consumers are turning to friends and family (or at least influencers who actÂ..

How UCAS Resolved Web Stability Issues Around Admissions Time Using Acquia

Gaining a university or higher education place is one of the most exuberant moments in life. To make it all happen in the UK, UCAS processes over 3 million applications from some 765,000 prospective..

AI won't take your Marketing Job. Don't worry...

Lots of people are worried that they may lose their jobs in the future as the use of AI becomes more and more mainstream - but it isn't like that!