LXA offers a suite of learning experiences to drive your marketing transformation. Providing both breadth and depth of the full spectrum of marketing competencies through our corporate learning membership subscription or custom corporate academies.

The LXA training portfolio spans all areas of marketing transformation. AI to Automation to personalisation, DX to data management, CX mapping to tech stacking, martech to salestech, enablement to activation.

Learning experiences delivered:

  • A breadth of content across the full spectrum of marketing competencies to support all your global team’s needs
  • Materials and resources in the flow of your marketer’s jobs such as a budget modelling calculator
  • Practical application of learning to the job such as CX mapping tool
  • Depth of expertise for high demand marketing competencies content such as AI, data and tech in marketing
  • Modern learning design to maximise engagement and completion rates

The LXA group includes a 2nd business unit, AntiCon.



AntiCon, is the anti-conference event series by LXA. It tackles all things marketing and sales transformation across a range of online and in-person events. It's commonly known for it's mega event, more here.

AntiCon sits in the magic middle of event experience. Not a conference, summit or forum, not pretending to be a crazy festival. AntiCon is the anti-conference that mixes the right content, with the right speakers, with the right experience. AntiCon is the anti-conference tackling all things marketing transformation. From AI to automation, data to DX, talent to tools.

The event series provide rich insights and perspective to inform the development of new education materials for LXA.