Watch On-Demand: The State of MarTech & Marketing Operations in 2023/24


The convergence of marketing and technology has catalysed a wave of excitement and innovation that transcends industry boundaries. Whether you find yourself steering a brand, working within an agency, or providing solutions as a vendor, the rapid growth of technology presents both incredible opportunities and unique challenges to the marketing community.

For Chief Marketing Officers, this era of martech growth has been transformative.

Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, remain a key focus for CMOs. As the marketing technology ecosystem continues to expand, CMOs must stay ahead to maintain their competitive edge.

In the session, Carlos Doughty, LXA's CEO and course instructor, presents the LXA annual State of Martech & Marketing Operations 2023/24 report, produced in association with Tealium. This report offers a valuable opportunity to gain insights directly from CMOs. Carlos delves deep into the minds of marketing leaders from the world's leading companies, capturing their perspectives on the latest trends in marketing technology and the future of the industry. 

Carlos will present the main findings from the market research report, providing exclusive insights into the challenges and innovations in marketing technology and operations that exist today. Furthermore, he will delve into how these insights can be applied to create a roadmap for marketing success in 2024.

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