Periodic Table of MarTech and Marketing Operations

Our new periodic table brings together all the fundamental elements of MarTech and Marketing Operations into a single view.

MarTech & Marketing Ops Periodic TableDownload a large, high resolution version of the MarTech & Marketing Ops Periodic Table by completing the form. 

How this periodic table works

For the categories, or groups of elements, we have extended our 4Ps of marketing technology to enable us to cover marketing operations in greater detail. 

To this end, we've added a P for Pioneer & Pilot, which focuses on emerging and disruptive tech, something we collectively refer to as NextTech.

Each of the Ps / categories has core pillars within, which are the bold, full colour blocks. 

The individual elements contained within each group are the ingredients which combine to create a successful martech and marketing ops strategy.

The five pillars

Planning & Strategy

The stages to follow in developing and auditing your martech and marketing ops strategy

The elements contained within this group relate to the planning stage of martech strategy, such as auditing your customer experience, and looking for gaps where technology could help you to create better experiences for your customers.

This is about making sure that your marketing technology is brought in as part of a clear plan which enables you to achieve your business goals.

The core pillars (planning, process, people, platforms and pioneer) are included here as it's important to consider them all during this planning stage.

Process & Marketing Ops

The actions and/or ways of working that create marketing ops best practice.

The process elements are centred around the ways you can ensure that martech plans are executed in a way that enables you to achieve your goals.

This includes elements such as agile working practices that enable companies to can operate adaptively, building out the marketing operations function, and ensuring that you're looking at the metrics that matter.

The core pillars are the operations essential to delivering marketing ops excellence.

Platforms, Apps & Ecosystems

The stages and actions that go into building and managing a marketing stack effectively.

The elements contained within this pillar relate to the management of your tech stack, ensuring that your stack contains the platforms your business needs.

It's an ongoing process of ensuring that your tech stack contains the capabilities you need, and that each platform works effectively within the overall stack.

The core pillars are the key tool categories. As you may have noticed,  we have renamed the standard landscape category of commerce and sales to SalesTech. In short we are defining SalesTech as human or robot based!

This is because SalesTech spans B2B and B2C, digital commerce as well as sales team tools.

People & Teams 

The process of building a team and the types of team that might be needed.

Effective martech strategy depends on people, and so the elements in this group cover key areas such as martech tool onboarding and training, organisation structures and ways of working.

Martech and marketing operations needs people skilled in data, technology and analytics, and training and support is required to keep upgrading.

But don't panic. We've got certified courses in martech and marketing operations to help with that. Check out the Marketing Technology Essentials and  Marketing Operations Essentials, here!

The core pillars are the essential functions a martech/marketing ops team will have. 


Pioneer & Pilot

The factors driving technological change that should be watched and actions that should be taken; pilots and MVPs.

Nothing stands still in the martech and marketing operations world. We've witnessed rapid technological change over the past few decades, and there's much more to come.

Martech leaders need to be pioneering, looking out for new technology and ways of working, being the first to experiment with it, and seeing change as an opportunity.

The core pillars within this group are the current key emerging trends to watch/play with that might be reshaping marketing, sales and experience.


Where the MarTech & Marketing Ops Periodic Table Comes to Life

We cover all the elements shown within this periodic table in our industry-leading courses: Certificate: Marketing Operations Essentials and Certificate: Marketing Technology Essentials, (Enrolment for our next six-week cohort is now open).

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  • Our courses help to refresh, solidify and extend their knowledge of martech and marketing ops.
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Download a large, high resolution version of the MarTech & Marketing Ops Periodic Table by completing the form.