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AntiConLX DialUp Middle East

Watch on-demand: We are kicking things off with a virtual session for the Middle East community, and the launch of the region’s State of Data-Driven Marketing research, with LXA CEO and Founder,..

AntiConLX DialUp APAC with Neil Patel

Watch on-demand: Join Neil Patel and our expert panel for a deep dive into the hottest trends and insights relating to martech and marketing in the Asia Pacific region.

AntiConLX DialUp North America

Watch on-demand: Join industry experts such as Darrell Alfonso, Martin Kihn and Sara McNamara as we dive into the hottest trends and insights in martech, salestech, adtech, and digital transformation.

MarTech News: Round-Up 23/02/23

Demandbase Raises $175 Million Acquia Updates Its Cdp Oro Raises $13M  and more in this week's martech news


AntiConLX DialUp with Frans Riemersma

Watch this virtual event covering the 'Secrets to CX Success' on-demand.

LXA Marketing Leaders Book Club: One Plus One Equals Three

The book is less of a structured "how-to" guide and more of a selection of inspiring short stories which present the reader with extreme, encouraging, and uplifting tales on how people shook up the..

MarTech News: Round-Up 16/02/23

💰 TCS Scores $700 Million Deal ✍️Doopoll Assets Acquired by QuestionPro 💰 Ushur Raises $50 million ✍️ Infillion Acquires Market Research Platform Phonic ✍️ Sendinblue Buys Captain Target ✍️ Sensis..

MarTech News: Round-Up 03/03/23

Sendinblue Integrates WhatsApp, Hubilo Buys Fielddrive, Vitally Raises $30 Million and more with the martech news!

MarTech News: Round-Up 10/03/23

Verizon Business Partners with Sparq Live Limited, ChurnZero Partners With Northpass and more with the martech news!

Growth Hacking: Your Top 10 FAQs Answered

Growth hacking, also known as guerrilla marketing, has been likened to the "art and science" of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective..

AI-Driven Growth Best Practice Guide

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently one of the biggest trends in marketing, with the prominence of tools like ChatGPT making its appeal more mainstream and accessible. We’ve created this..

The State of QR codes in 2023: Stats and Trends

The global QR Code Labels Market size is projected to reach $1268.1 million by 2026, from $916.7 million in 2020. And it doesn't seem to be slowing down.