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A Marketer's Why, What and When using Mobile Data

Customers don’t just want engaging mobile experiences, they expect them. Beyond the abundance of statistics that could be shared on consumer mobile habits that assert the importance of being..

Are apps like Clubhouse changing the world of audio marketing?

What is the future of Audio Marketing now that apps like Clubhouse have appeared and people are buying more Smart Speakers than ever?

Tap into Data to Drive Birthday and Milestone Campaigns

Everyone loves moments when a family member or friend remembers something about you and shares that with you, like a birthday, anniversary, or memory. Those moments are meaningful ways to connect..

What, Why, How of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Essentially, any digital asset, artwork, gif, meme handcrafted by a sarcastic teenager, can be turned into a collectable, and valuable, asset. How do NFTs work, and why should you be interested?

The Customer Data Platform: An Acxiom Point of View

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) address the need for a single customer view across data and marketing channels. Many vendors have entered the CDP space very quickly. 


A History of Boxever

Boxever have recently been acquired by Sitecore, but how did they get to this point. What is Boxfresh and what do they do?

Hopin takes even more investment - what does this tell us about the events tech space?

Hopin have received the best part of half a billion dollars investment, bringing the valuation to $5 billion, what does this mean for the future of events?

Meet the Women of LXA 2021

Meet the women of MarTech Alliance; Ellen, Holly, Nicole, and Sarah!

Q&A: Adriana Jones Lima from OneTrust

Public Relations Offering Manager at OneTrust, Adriana Jones Lima is a PR, training, and events extraordinaire. As Project Manager for MEDA’s Annual Gala, she helped raise over $250,000, and over..

Q&A: Amandine Boitel Servain from Cheetah Digital

Amandine Boitel Servain is Vice President, Global Demand Generation, at Cheetah Digital, and lives life in the fast lane (terrible cheetah pun, sorry). Her specialities include Marketing strategy and..

Q&A: Andrea Clatworthy from Fujitsu

Andrea Clatworthy is the Global Head of Account Based Marketing at Fujitsu, and is a black belt in improving business results, M&A internal and external comms and culture and change management. In..

Q&A: Ashley Langford from Integrate

Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Integrate, and Marketing ops specialist, Ashley Langford is a B2B and SaaS expert. A Marketo Revvie Award Finalist and Marketo Champion, Ash has the trophies to..