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Customer Data Management vs. Business Intelligence: Why These Should Not be Siloed

What’s the difference betweenCustomer Data Management(CDM) vs. business intelligence platforms? Which platform provides the most actionable customer data insights?


Will GPT-3 and Language Models Replace Your Content Team?

Though inferring word probabilities from context, LLMs can build an abstract understanding of natural language, which can be used for a bunch of different tasks. So will they replace your content..

3 Excellent Examples of IoT Marketing Strategies

The use of IoT in marketing is about thinking outside the box and offering services in a valuable way for the customer irl.


MarTech News: Round-Up 28/07/22

Contentsquare Raises $600M Microsoft Reveals Contact Center Platform Tealium Launches Pharma-Specific Package Freshworks and ZNet Technologies Partner InfoSum Launches New Data Clean Room Platform..


5 Myths About Customer Experience

Experience is largely made up from emotion. So, aim for a sustainable service not unachievable myths. Find out the top five, here!

Google Pushes Third-Party Cookie Demise to 2024: What This Means for You

Google's long promised move to block third-party cookies will now begin in the second half of 2024 — at least.

Who is... Tom Goodwin?

Tom Goodwin is an expert in innovation and digital transformation, developing his image as a futurist and advocate for change over many years in the industry.

What is The Future Of SalesTech?

Sales tech has seen quite a few years of sustained growth, with investment rising dramatically. But what does its future look like?

How a DAM can improve content ROI

A guide to digital asset management platforms and the content challenges they can solve

Financial Services Providers Need To Support Customers According To Their Evolving Needs

There’s a dichotomy in the behaviour of customers post-pandemic, but understanding your customers leads to business success.

The Lead Funnel is Broken. Try Cross-Channel Activation Instead

More leads often just means more work for you, because if the funnel is stuffed full of contacts gathered just to meet goals, you’ll more likely create a blockage than create new business.

Brands That Have Used Gamification to Cut Through Digital Marketing Noise

The digital universe is getting crowded, and it means consumer attention is waning. There is simply too much for them to see. Instead, brands need new ways to help cut through the noise