Periodic Table of Marketing Capabilities


This new periodic table brings all the key elements of a marketing capabilities programme into a single view. It details the formula for creating impact in a sustainable and embedded way. One that enables your organisation to elevate and integrate marketing capabilities into your organisational DNA. 

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How this periodic table works 

The Marketing Capabilities Periodic Table meticulously defines the key categories, pillars and elements vital to running a comprehensive marketing capability programme. 

Within each group of elements, some are highlighted in full colour. These are the core pillars of that category. And, within each category, you have all relatable elements to the group. 

The five categories

NB: For design reasons, the layout varies from the chronological order in which you should create a marketing capabilities programme. 

1/ Assessment & Design

An effective marketing capability programme is designed to address previously identified needs and should be implemented with clear goals. It needs to be engaging, which is why elements such as learning experience design are important.

The core pillars reflect the areas that require the deepest exploration. From alignment to the broader digital transformation programme to maturity assessment and capabilities diagnostics to defining a vision to learning experience design.  

2/ Capabilities & Competencies

This category contains a comprehensive list of the range of skills and knowledge, at a competency - individual level, and capability - organisational level, that a programme may look to focus on. 

The core pillars in bold colour are the essential elements. For example, marketing strategy and data. 

3/ People & Structure

Marketing capabilities is all about people, and this category highlights the approach a company can take to elevate organisational capabilities - reskill, upskill, recruit, partner, etc. It also details types of roles, job titles and functions a programme should look to map out and structure. 

The core pillars here reflect a high-level view of the approach to take when thinking about the people and structure. 

4/ Operations & Enablement

This category sets out the operational and enablement essentials which underpin an organisation's marketing operating model. It unpacks what operationally needs to be considered to set up the programme for success and the enablers to that success. It's this category that focuses heavily on the adoption and embedding of the programme. It also considers how to ensure a robust but adaptable approach is taken. Elements such as workflow and process optimisation, and agile marketing practices help to build a more effective and flexible marketing operation.

The core pillars in bold colour (marketing effectiveness, ways of working, marketing framework, and governance) are the foundations on which the remaining elements are dependent. 

5/ Tools & Technology

The elements in this category reflect the tool types, learning technologies and practices to manage them and craft an effective stack. This is key to ensure that the tech wraps around the marketing capabilities vision. 

The core pillars are the types of tech organisations need to use, from martech to edtech. 

How to use this periodic table

This periodic table is designed for running a marketing capability programme from beginning to end. For creating marketing academies with impact. 

It covers the essential elements from initial audit to academy design, the skills and tech required for marketing teams, and ways to drive adoption and improve learning outcomes. 

It can be used as a guide and checklist for an effective marketing capability programme and complements LXA's resources and training in this area. 

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