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The State of Martech & Marketing Operations 2023/24

With marketing technology now central to marketing strategy, CMOs face a number of challenges as they look to improve the customer experience. 

These challenges involve finding the right skills and knowledge to improve martech maturity, proving ROI of martech investment, tech selection, and keeping up with a changing technology landscape. 


Marketing Book Club: Killing Marketing by Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi

Hey now, before we get into this, if you're here you probably already know that Joe Pulizzi has a podcast with co-host Robert Rose. You'll also know that it's called This Old Marketing, and it's brilliant. As a special treat, our upcoming #MarTechFest in-person Anti-Conference doesn't end with our amazing in-person or online sessions. MarTech Alliance has also partnered with 'This Old Marketing' Pod. Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose will provide their take on the ‘MA State of Martech Report’ which is released at the event.

A special Pod Sesh just for you and you can catch it at #MarTechFest in-person Anti-conference. Get your tickets right now!

Content marketing masters, Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi take us to the very edge of marketing. Marketing is not just a cost to be endured, but an significant profit centre in itself.


Marketing Book Club: Killing Marketing by Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi

Marketing & Tech Book Club: Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk

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Marketing & Tech Book Club: The Startup Way by Eric Ries

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Marketing Book Club: Digital Sense by Travis Wright and Chris J Snook

Marketing & Tech Book Club: Social Selling by Tim Hughes

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