2020/2021 UK Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic 

At the beginning of last week to kick start #MarTechFest Dial Up - the online marketing technology anti-conference, we released the APAC Martech Landscape - and so it seems only fitting that we should wrap up the week and the event with the third annual Marketing Technology Landscape UK edition.


The snapshot stats

  • The third annual UK Martech Landscape contains 714 vendors
  • Just 2 of the 6 categories contain over half the martech vendors. Content & Experience and Social & Relationships contribute 27% and 24% respectively 

Our takeaway

Since Brinker first released the global Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic to the world in 2011, conjecture on growth versus consolidation has been rife  - and we've seen that in fact both scenarios have indeed come to fruition.

In the case of the UK, it seems it is a hot spot for large global martech players buying up some of the best of the local market solution providers over the past few years:

  • Digital experience Acquia acquires Cohesion source 

"Cohesion has become a core product in Acquia's Drupal Cloud offering, revolutionising the way enterprises large and small can leverage low-code web building for the fastest time to market."
Tom Bianchi, VP Marketing, Acquia

  • CM group - a family of marketing technology companies including Campaign Monitor, Delivra, Emma, Liveclicker and Sailthru acquires London based Vuture source 
  • London martech firm Aiden.ai is acquired by Twitter source
  • Upland Software acquires Adestra for $56m source
  • Akroo acquired by Integrate for $34m source
  • BrightTarget acquired by Sidetrade back in 2016 source

"The acquisition meant that Sidetrade could easily extend its focus from the Finance department to the Sales & Marketing department and benefit from the advanced data science used in the BrightTarget platform. Building upon the successes that BrightTarget had with enterprise companies such as Euromoney and Selco, Sidetrade was able to quickly transform its business to cover Sales & Marketing and today they have 3 solutions, Augmented Cash, Augmented Revenue and Acquisition. You can see we have evolved from Predictive Marketing through AI and now the most appropriate term is Augmented, as we have learnt that to get real business value from the new technologies you need to augment them with good ‘human’ business knowledge. The Sidetrade CEO, Olivier Novasque, was an early visionary to realise that; SaaS, Data and AI would massively disrupt the operations of B2B businesses."

Glen Westlake, Co-founder and former CEO BrightTarget, now Executive Chairman Cyance.

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Get your high resolution version of the 2020 UK Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic here


This graphic is only an approximation. The main purpose is to start the discussion about the martech landscape across the UK region.

  • This graphic is only our approximation of the marketing technology space and we have no doubt missed a vendor or two - apologies in advance. It is intended only to stir discussion. You can add your details to this form to be added to our research spreadsheet for the next edition.
  • We defined any marketing technology company founded or headquartered in the UK as part of the UK Marketing technology landscape.
  • Key sources used in our research to build this graphic: Chiefmartec.com, MarTech Tribe, our open online form for vendors to submit their details, CabinetM, Google, Crunchbase and TrustRadius.
  • We grant permission to reproduce copies of this graphic in full and “as is” in any slide presentation or website. A back link to this post would be greatly appreciated.

Download the high res version here: