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This International Women's Day, I'd like to take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the badass women of the MarTech Alliance team. (Full disclosure, one of those women is yours truly.)

It might surprise some of you to know that despite putting on the annual #MarTechFest Global in London and this year the inaugural #MarTechFest APAC in Sydney, producing the UK marketing technology landscape, monthly martech dinners, a marketing and tech book club that gets us access to authors such as Richard Brandson, the first Netflix CEO Marc Randolph, marketing guru Seth Godin et el, ongoing martech content publishing and plenty more - there are just five of us on the team.

We are but a humble scrappy start up who are immensely proud of the big achievements we make despite our size. But prouder still I am that our modest team is 60% female.

I've been fortunate to have amazing women to look up to and be inspired by my whole life whether they're friends, relatives or colleagues. But it's not often enough we women celebrate each other (or ourselves for that matter so thanks for indulging me) and so please allow me to introduce you to - and celebrate - our team!

Introducing Margs, Ellen and me, Rachael!



Firstly meet Margaux (pronounced Mar-go). Margs as we affectionately call her is our resident marketing technologist, compliance guru and Frenchy who lives true to her heritage and consumes baguettes and cheese with reckless abandon. But don't let her saccharine demeanor fool you, Margs is a formidable marketer, spelling and punctuation taskmaster (despite English being her second language).

I sent her a few questions (I said give me a least 5 answers...true to form, she diligently answered them all.)

What’s your job title 
Marketing Technologist/Marketing Technology Consultant

If you could choose an ‘honest’ job title, what would it be? 
Making sense of the maze, fixing shit

Describe your role at MarTech Alliance in one sentence 
I help ensure all our marketing systems are integrated and documented properly and help our clients build their marketing strategy and choose the technologies which can help power it

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? 
Cow's udder, both nervy and foamy at the same time - disgusting

Coffee or tea?
Used to be coffee but the UK has definitely converted me to tea!

What’s some advice for your younger self?
Stop being so scared of what everyone thinks of you, they are as scared as you are.

Do you have any advice for young women wanting to get in to marketing? 
Always keep learning, don't get sucked in the ''we've always done that'' mindset

What’s your hidden talent? 
I can stand on my tip toes for a fairly long time

Best advice you ever received 
Emotions are never a weakness, but being able to communicate them properly is a strength.

Which is your go-to emoji 
The monkey covering its eyes

Go any hobbies? 
Is eating a hobby?

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That brings me to Ellen, or as her friends call her (which I'm sure she now regrets telling me) Smellen.

The youngest of our team, Ells joined MarTech Alliance to bolster our events efforts and despite her tender years (remember being 23?! Me either) she continues to smash it out of the park with eagerness, organisation, and distinctively quiet achiever style of events management. She's our in-house Scot and makes a mean shortbread and bloody loves a good ceilidh dance.

What’s your job title
Events and Marketing Coordinator

If you could choose an ‘honest’ job title, what would it be? 
I would say ‘Events, marketing, office admin ledge and anything that needs doing that no one else wants to do coordinator’

Describe your role at MarTech Alliance in one sentence 
Anything events wise I’m your go to gal, I run our social campaigns as well as our weekly newsletters and I do all the general office admin bits but most importantly I organise our annual Christmas Party. Last years was pretty rowdy to say the least so bring on 2020.

Coffee or tea? 
Tea 100% and it has to be Tetley. I’ll fight off all the Yorkshire Tea lovers any day.

What’s some advice for your younger self? 
Don’t sweat the small stuff, when you make mistakes remember that nobody has died from them (or I hope not) so stop worrying and learn from it.

Do you have any pets – what are their names? 
I’ve got a family dog named Eddie, we rescued him so he’s a bit of a mutt (nickname is Chubby). He’s the sweetest boy and have had him for nearly 12 years now.

What’s your hidden talent? 
I can touch my nose with my tongue… one of my many party tricks.

What’s the nerdiest thing about you?
I really like architecture and modern buildings. One of my favourite is the Dynamic Tower in Dubai because when you’re driving past it, it look likes it’s spinning. Yeah it’s weird hobby I know.

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And hey guys that just leaves me! Rounding out our international collection of formidable females, I'm the token office Aussie. A mere 2 years ago, I was the first full time hire at MarTech Alliance after our founder Carlos realised his dream of starting his own marketing technology media company. Honestly, with all the amazing achievements we've got under our belt it feels like a million!

I'm a feminist, animal lover, technology enthusiast, avid reader, environmentalist, part time vegan, full time coffee drinker.

What’s your job title
Marketing Lead - Brand, Growth, CX

If you could choose an ‘honest’ job title, what would it be?
Wearer of a million hats #startuplife

Describe your role at MarTech Alliance in one sentence
A wild fucking ride

Who’s a professional woman you admire?
Ellen and Margs

What’s some advice for your younger self?
The only person you need to prove yourself to is you.

Best advice you ever received
Treat the receptionist as well as you 'd treat the CEO, you never know, they might be your boss one day

Which is your go-to emoji
The drooling emoji who looks really hungry

Got any hobbies?
Crochet and macrame

What’s the nerdiest thing about you?
I mean see above 😕 actually I'm also currently obsessed with learning about behavioural science

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