Why Data Will Be Key in the AI Battle: In Conversation With Scott Brinker

LXA CEO Carlos Doughty and Godfather of Martech Scott Brinker recently sat to discuss a range of topics, with the rapid growth and potential of AI being the major theme running through the discussion.  

In part one, Carlos and Scott discussed the growth and massive potential of AI. In this part of the discussion, Carlos and Scott discuss the potential winners and losers around AI, why data has the potential to be the deciding  factor, and why Microsoft is way ahead of Google right now. 

Carlos Doughty: I think an interesting question is around the commoditisation of AI - what does it become if we've all got the same access to the same smart intelligence? How differentiated are different vendors? Where are the real winners or losers? Is it just a case of being so unbelievably niche and use case specific that you wrap around something better than everybody else? 

Take ChatGBT. Is it just too open, covering everything? Is there too much data and do you want curated data instead? What do you think?

Scott Brinker: I am so excited about this on multiple levels.I think most people would probably now agree, the answer is the data.Everyone's gonna have the same AI engines, so those are effectively commoditized. Certainly, open data out on the web is commoditized now too, so where's the differentiation? 

The differentiation is from companies that have unique datasets, and proprietary data sets, and then they're able to build ecosystem relationships with other companies to combine datasets in ways that help that ecosystem to have an incredible advantage. 


Why Data Will Be Key in the AI Battle: In Conversation With Scott Brinker

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