Q&A: Meet the Women Changing the Martech Industry Part 2!

With Women's History Month ongoing, we here at Martech Alliance are taking the opportunity to celebrate. Streamers? Check. Bunting? Check. A bunch of VIP guests ready to answer questions way below their pay grades? Check. Our industry is filled to the brim with talented women, taking charge and taking names. ‘Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change’ - the UN motto for International Women’s Day - is a perfect description for what women have been doing for years in the Martech industry!

Also, there would be NO Martech memes without the women on our team, which would be an absolute travesty.

From marketing to mantras, dilemmas to dinner plans, fulfilment to Pho, we cover all bases. 

Say hello to the women making a real difference in the industry!

Oh, and we're running a women-centric Websesh soon - click here to find out more!


Q&A: Meet the Women Changing the Martech Industry Part 2!

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Q&A: Meet the Women Changing the Martech Industry

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