Best Working From Home Tweets

Now that nearly the entire world is on lock down, some of you may be amongst the millions that are having to work from home. A lot of us are new to this work at home gig and some are clearly getting the hang of it while others… not so much.

To give you a laugh during this uncertain time here are some of the best working from home tweets we’ve come across.

1. Animal Co-Workers

2. Couples who now work from home together

3. The conference call potato

4. Accidental zoom bomb

5. Conference call etiquette

6. London morning commute

7. What we're all wondering

8. Finishing work to move to the kitchen

9. Dogs being excited that their humans are home 24/7

10. A healthy eating schedule is out the window

11. The guy who made his zoom background him walking in on himself during a conference call 

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