The Value of Marketing Certifications

As a learning business, we get to meet all sorts of marketers who want to keep upgrading with us. 


Junior marketers want to learn with us to close gaps in their knowledge of the marketing discipline and acquire new skills. And for some senior marketers, pursuing a certification provides an opportunity to upskill or sometimes they simply want to gain formal recognition of their knowledge, skills and experience. 

Whatever the reason, here are some thoughts with regard to the value of studying marketing: 

  • Accelerated learning: studying various aspects of marketing can provide a breadth and depth of understanding that, in tandem with experience, can accelerate your learning and career.

  • Behaviour change: If a marketer’s knowledge is narrow and entirely based on experience, they run the risk that the tactics they pursue might not achieve the desired results. If they haven’t studied marketing, they may not be equipped with suitable knowledge and frameworks to come up with a plan B. The knowledge that comes with further learning helps marketers to respond more quickly and effectively in coming up with new approaches.

    Studying marketing and its underlying disciplines can expand the knowledge base and frames of reference for marketers to help them make decisions based on more than their experience. Conversely, knowledge about marketing rules can help marketers think more deeply about what they are trying to achieve. This might even help them to know what rules they can break.

  • Commitment, Credibility & Confidence: Certification and continuing professional development demonstrate a commitment to employers, clients and fellow professionals that you are credible and can offer a professional service and keep skills up to date.

    Commitment to learning breeds confidence in your ability to achieve and transcend from competency to mastery. Pursuing further learning provides confidence and frameworks which help marketers to understand and communicate the scope of their role and the wider function of marketing within their organisation.

  • Development: I once heard Keith Weed, the former CMO at Unilever discuss the benefits of training. He specifically referred to career development. When marketers pursue further learning, they get better at their jobs. They get promoted. And they get paid more!

  • Earning ability: There is a correlation between qualification and earning ability. In fact, marketers with relevant qualifications earn at least 10% more than marketers without qualifications throughout the course of their careers.

  • Future prospects: If two marketers can demonstrate similar experience and skills at an interview or at a client pitch, and one is qualified while the other is not, the qualified candidate will win the competition.

  • Growth: We are very much Growth Mindset people at LXA. We believe that a person’s qualities represent a starting point for development. New skills can be cultivated through purposeful effort and new challenges represent opportunities for meaningful growth rather than something to be avoided.

Keep Upgrading!