Martech News: Weekly Round-Up 28/07/23

This week in martech: OneTrusts Raises $150M, MetaRouter Partners with Silverbullet, Tealium Expands Conversion API Integrations with Meta, Google...and more!

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 OneTrusts Raises $150M

Privacy and security startup, OneTrust, has successfully raised $150 million in a recent down round. The funding was led by Generation Investment Management, accompanied by participation from existing investor Sands Capital.

With this latest round, OneTrust's valuation stands at $4.5 billion, a decrease from its previous valuation of $5.1 billion.

MetaRouter Partners with Silverbullet

MetaRouter and Silverbullet, two leading privacy-first technology companies, have announced a partnership to deliver an industry-first solution for the privacy-first era.
The partnership will combine MetaRouter's anonymous first-party data management, activation, and cross-domain tracking capabilities with Silverbullet's expertise in privacy and compliance management. The combined solution will enable businesses to collect, manage, and activate first-party data in a privacy-compliant way.

This will allow businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers, improve their marketing effectiveness, and comply with the latest privacy regulations.

Tealium Expands Conversion API Integrations with Meta, Google

Tealium, a global customer data platform (CDP) company, has announced a partnership with Meta, Google, TikTok, and other leading technology companies to enhance ad conversion strategies for enterprises.

The partnership will allow Tealium customers to connect their CDP to the first-party data platforms of these technology companies, which will enable them to track and measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns across multiple channels.

This will help businesses to improve their targeting, personalisation, and measurement of ad campaigns, which can lead to increased conversions and improved ROI.

Salesforce Announces New Commerce Cloud Integrations

Salesforce has announced a series of new Commerce Cloud integrations that aim to extend the platform's capabilities across marketing, sales, and service channels.

The integrations include new partnerships with Google, Adobe, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
The new partnerships will allow Salesforce customers to use Commerce Cloud to create purchase experiences across multiple channels, including websites, mobile apps, and social media.

The integrations will also allow Salesforce customers to use Commerce Cloud to collect and analyse first-party data, which can be used to improve personalisation and targeting.

Brightcove Partners With PubMatic

Brightcove, a leading video technology company, has announced a partnership with PubMatic, an independent technology company delivering digital advertising solutions.

The partnership will combine Brightcove's video streaming platform with PubMatic's programmatic advertising exchange to help media companies better monetise their video content.

Through the partnership, Brightcove customers will be able to access PubMatic's demand-side platform (DSP) and sell their video inventory through PubMatic's private marketplace (PMP).
This will allow media companies to get access to a wider range of buyers and achieve higher ad prices for their video content.

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