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The State of Martech & Marketing Operations 2023/24

With marketing technology now central to marketing strategy, CMOs face a number of challenges as they look to improve the customer experience. 

These challenges involve finding the right skills and knowledge to improve martech maturity, proving ROI of martech investment, tech selection, and keeping up with a changing technology landscape. 


MarTech News: Round-Up 23/06/23

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This Week in Martech: 💰 Sales tech platform Crono secures first investment of £427,000   💰  France’s Mistral AI Raises $113M  👥  IBM Expands Partnership With Adobe ⚙️DATAFORT Launches NewsGuru... and more!

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Salestech Platform Crono Secures First Investment of £427,000  

Crono, a sales tech startup based in London, has secured a pre-seed equity investment of €500,000 (£427,000). The company's platform uses AI to analyze client data and help businesses personalize their sales approaches. With this investment, Crono plans to double its customer base, expand internationally, and increase its staff headcount.

France’s Mistral AI Raises $113M 

Mistral AI, a French AI company, has raised $113 million in Series B funding. The company's AI platform helps businesses automate and optimize their decision-making processes. Mistral AI plans to use the funding to expand its product offerings and customer base.

IBM Expands Partnership With Adobe

IBM and Adobe have expanded their partnership to help businesses create more personalized and engaging customer experiences. The two companies will integrate their respective products and services to offer a unified platform for customer data management, analytics, and marketing.

DATAFORT Launches NewsGuru

DATAFORT, a data intelligence company, has launched NewsGuru, a new platform that provides businesses with real-time access to news and social media data. NewsGuru can be used to track industry trends, identify new opportunities, and monitor brand reputation.

Bloomreach and Shopware Partner

Bloomreach, a search and discovery platform, and Shopware, an e-commerce platform, have partnered to help businesses improve their online shopping experiences. The partnership will integrate Bloomreach's search capabilities with Shopware's platform, making it easier for customers to find the products they're looking for.

Wondrlab Acquires Cymetrix

Wondrlab, a data analytics company, has acquired Cymetrix, a healthcare data analytics company. The acquisition will help Wondrlab expand its capabilities in the healthcare sector.

Looker Studio Releases GA4 Connector Update

Looker Studio, a data analytics platform, has released an update to its GA4 connector. The update makes it easier for businesses to connect their GA4 data to Looker Studio. This will allow businesses to gain insights from their GA4 data and make better decisions.

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