Booksy finds a home in Bynder for delivering brand-consistent content experiences

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Booksy finds a home in Bynder for delivering brand-consistent content experiences

  • 500+ employees
  • 19 mil+ active users
  • 200k+ daily bookings
Booksy is on a mission to become the world’s most trusted solution for appointment-based businesses – particularly in the health and beauty sector.

Delivering convenient tools for client management and marketing via its cloud-based platform, Booksy enables customers to schedule their appointments in just 10 seconds.


Booksy offers automated appointment scheduling, calendar management, payments, and a suite of built-in marketing tools to help beauty professionals manage all aspects of their business. Over 23 million customers worldwide count on Booksy to help them find and book appointments anytime, anywhere.

Since starting out in Poland as a small reservation app back in 2015, Booksy has steadily expanded its global reach – the US is now the biggest market with a client base that’s effectively doubled year-on-year.

Previous challenges

Growing rapidly was not without challenges. It’s vital for Booksy to offer a consistent customer experience to businesses and users, whether they’re in the US or Spain – while also enabling regional marketers and sales professionals to be adaptable to local needs.

Previously using Google Drive to organize, manage, and distribute digital assets resulted in team and regional siloes that took a toll on brand governance. There was a lack of oversight on what was up-to-date, how content should be used, and who was using it.

“We wanted a solution that made it easy for everyone to understand and use the latest marketing and sales materials relevant to them. So whatever they’re using, they always know it’s the latest version, aligned with our brand guidelines, and ready for public use.”

-Rebecca Baxter, Global Marketing Coordinator at Booksy

Booksy finds a home in Bynder for delivering brand-consistent content experiences

Creating a clear agenda for the Booksy brand with Bynder

Booksy leveraged Bynder’s digital asset management platform to be more than just a repository for their content library – it’s a self-serving, collaborative space that is tailored according to the needs of specific roles and markets.

In addition to sales enablement, marketers are able to serve up the right content at the right time with the latest and greatest brand materials – not only internally, but externally to customers to ensure consistent experiences across all channels.

Serving up content for every step of the customer journey

Whether it’s how-to guides for a new nail salon getting started in Booksy, or marketing templates for a long-time client looking to attract more bookings with the platform, Booksy has a centralized, single source of truth in Bynder that is organized according to different customer interactions.

This allows marketing and sales to be a lot more nuanced in how they engage with customers and distribute funnel-specific content that’s aligned with their exact needs, helping Booksy create personalized content experiences.

“Bynder has created more visibility and accountability across markets. Regional marketing teams can easily find and use country-specific materials that are aligned with our brand guidelines, so everything that goes out has been brand-approved.”

-Rebecca Baxter, Global Marketing Coordinator at Booksy


What’s next for Booksy?

Booksy is certainly taking advantage of Bynder’s “do more with less” approach as they scale and grow as a company. The brand’s content organization strategy evolves as the business evolves. Booksy is always tweaking its brand-specific taxonomy to ensure employees can find what they need, when they need it.

Expanding its usage of Bynder’s brand templating functionality is next on the agenda, helping to automate the production of branded assets for better brand consistency and content experiences across all markets.

“Bynder’s guiding principle has been fostering communication and collaboration for us. We’re thinking and collaborating on a global level, while also enabling marketers to be self-sufficient locally and do what’s best for their own markets.”

-Rebecca Baxter, Global Marketing Coordinator at Booksy