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The State of Martech & Marketing Operations 2023/24

With marketing technology now central to marketing strategy, CMOs face a number of challenges as they look to improve the customer experience. 

These challenges involve finding the right skills and knowledge to improve martech maturity, proving ROI of martech investment, tech selection, and keeping up with a changing technology landscape. 


Boost real time personalization with CDP’s Journey Orchestration

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In today's fast-paced digital landscape, at every interaction with a brand, customers expect real-time personalisation that respects their consent preferences. Meanwhile, to remain competitive, brands have been blending online and offline interactions, creating an omnichannel experience, and exploring new technologies to reach customers across various touchpoints. With these complex customer journeys, businesses face challenges in delivering personalised experiences consistently. 

Brands strive to achieve comprehensive control over personalisation throughout their customers' journeys. However, existing real-time orchestration tools often fall short of expectations, presenting common issues such as: 

  1. Complex, technical user interfaces that hinder marketers' independence. 
  2. Limited omnichannel capabilities that result in broken customer experience and inconsistent messaging. 
  3. Outdated or isolated customer data, resulting in ineffective campaigns. 

These challenges lead to wasted marketing resources, campaign delays, inefficient spending, and customer frustration. In this context, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) play a crucial role in navigating the unpredictable nature of customer journeys. By leveraging and activating data, brands can gain insights to enhance and personalise the customer experience both online and offline. 

CDPs, including Zeotap CDP, enable cross-device identification and identity resolution, consolidating and normalising data from multiple touchpoints to create comprehensive customer profiles. This integration is essential for providing an optimal customer experience across all interactions, including marketing, sales, and customer service. 

What is Customer Journey Orchestration?  

Customer journey orchestration represents a transformative approach to understanding and enhancing customer experiences. In an era where fragmented experiences are fading, making way for a future where seamless, orchestrated journeys take centre stage is crucial to drive business success. Customer journey orchestration involves coordinating customer experiences in real-time across various channels to better understand customer needs and foster ongoing interaction with a brand.  It empowers companies to trigger campaigns or communications that deliver more value and efficient customised customer experiences. 

Why is customer journey orchestration so important? Many organisations have witnessed the drawbacks of siloed customer engagement, with disjointed experiences across teams such as marketing, sales, and customer service. By leveraging customer journey orchestration, businesses can transcend these limitations, offering a unified and seamless experience that reflects a comprehensive understanding of their customers' preferences and needs. Communication gaps are closed, with teams resolving issues more efficiently, leading to improved first call resolution rates. As companies expand their digital presence, customer journey orchestration ensures consistent messaging and experiences across campaigns and channels. This empowerment of customers and the creation of humanised experiences foster strong, long-lasting relationships. Additionally, increased cross-team efficiency and access to insightful data contribute to improved performance and customer loyalty, ultimately resulting in higher customer lifetime value (CLTV). 

At the heart of customer journey orchestration lies advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning. These tools enable businesses to analyse customer behaviour on a broader scale and make data-driven decisions swiftly and confidently. By leveraging historical patterns of unique users, AI-driven platforms can predict and serve relevant content at the right time, across multiple channels. What we are talking about  goes beyond conventional customer journey management, which focuses on optimising the customer experience through technology but lacks real-time capabilities. 

Efficient Journey Orchestration with Zeotap CDP  

Zeotap CDP's Journey Orchestration feature offers a groundbreaking solution to transform your marketing strategy. This powerful tool enhances marketing efforts, drives customer engagement, and optimises overall strategies for maximum impact, while respecting customers' consent preferences. 

Zeotap CDP's  journey orchestration platform works on data coming in from all sources and empowers marketers to deliver personalised experiences throughout all user touchpoints. When a visitor comes to the website or mobile app of the brand,  Zeotap CDP, by leveraging the past history or predicting behaviour based on similar lookalike audiences,  enables the creation of a tailored experience. If the visitor leaves without making a purchase, an abandoned cart can be triggered, prompting a reminder to complete the transaction. Additionally, if the visitor hasn't engaged or converted, an ad can be shared on a social media platform. All of these intricate steps in the customer journey can be seamlessly managed through a single workflow within Zeotap CDP. This ensures a user-friendly experience for marketers, granting them control over the number of touchpoints, their priority, and optimising marketing spend effectively. By leveraging Zeotap CDP's first-party data and blending real-time customer actions with historical insights, marketers can deliver the right message to the right user at the right time, resulting in impactful and personalised content across multiple platforms. 

Key Features to Ignite Your Marketing Strategy  

Zeotap CDP's journey orchestration platform offers powerful features that simplify omnichannel journey design, enable scalable personalization, and provide cross-platform activation capabilities, all while ensuring valuable insights through workflow traffic analysis. 

Marketers can benefit from: 

  • Intuitive UI for Crafting Omnichannel Journeys: Build dream journeys without the need for extensive technical expertise or support. No coding or tech support required. 
  • Scalable Personalisation in a Few Clicks: Deliver powerful and scalable personalised journeys with ease, reaching the target audience in real-time. 
  • Point-and-Click Journey Design: Simplify cross-channel personalization by easily designing and mapping customer journeys using Zeotap's user-friendly journey builder. 
  • Cross-Platform Activation: Seamlessly activate campaigns across advertising, marketing, and customer service platforms, ensuring campaigns reach the right customers wherever they are. 
  • Real-time Insights: Leverage real-time user actions and behaviour, cross-referencing them with historical data to make data-driven decisions and deliver personalised content that resonates. 
  • Consent Management: Respect and manage customer preferences effectively, adhering to privacy regulations and obtaining appropriate consent for personalised strategies while ensuring compliance. 
  • Personalized Workflow Branching: Divide workflows into targeted branches for personalised customer journeys, customising experiences based on specific conditions for precise targeting and engagement. 
  • Workflow Traffic Analysis: Gain visibility into campaign performance with Activated Users, evaluate effectiveness, and obtain comprehensive counts of activated users for optimised customer journeys. 

With Zeotap CDP's Journey Orchestration, marketers can deliver highly personalised experiences that significantly impact customer engagement and satisfaction. Leveraging customer data, it is possible to create targeted and relevant email communications, resulting in stronger relationships, increased conversions, and an enhanced overall customer journey.