The State of Data Privacy and Trust in Marketing 2023


In a world where connections with customers are often digital, the significance of data cannot be overstated. It enables marketers to understand customers, personalise content and ultimately improve the customer experience. 

With data privacy legislation in force around the world, the responsible and transparent use of customer data has become a key issue for organisations in terms of legal compliance. 

It is also a issue of trust - customers need to be confident that they can trust companies with their personal data, and marketers need this data to improve their customers’ experiences. 

Based on survey data, LXA’s State of Data Privacy and Trust in Marketing report produced in association with OneTrust, examines the challenges that marketers face, and how they can build and maintain customer trust.

The report covers: 

  • How organisations see themselves in terms of data privacy maturity, and customer trust.
  • The challenges of data privacy legislation, and the data policies of the big tech platforms. 
  • The modern data stack - the technology organisations are using to manage customer data and use it to improve customer experience. 
  • The growth of AI and its implications for privacy and ethics. 
  • How organisations are looking to balance data privacy governance with marketing effectiveness.

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