A Marketer's Why, What and When using Mobile Data

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Customers don’t just want engaging mobile experiences, they expect them. Beyond the abundance of statistics that could be shared on consumer mobile habits that assert the importance of being present in these channels, the access to (with consent) and application of data is what we observe as being pivotal for marketers to meet and exceed modern customer expectations.

Why does data matter?

With data you can serve customers in a personalised manner whereby McKinsey (2018) states that there is a 10-30% uplift in revenue and retention for organisations where personalisation is incorporated. Now apply this onto the habitual and preferred device for customers and mobile becomes a significant vehicle to drive these results.

What mobile data to use?

Content is King and customer details, preferences and insights should be applied when using mobile channels to drive relevance and impact, but mobile provides unique additional behavioural and contextual data points that enterprises should compliment their messaging with - below are two outlier categories that we encourage customers to consider leveraging:

  • Location: Influence a customer to visit your establishment or intercept from a competitor. Share information in advance of arrival to improve a customer experience. Continue engagement post visit with surveys or simply a reason for them to come back soon. Personalise engagement by considering weather, events and local conditions.
  • Infancy, Recency and Frequency: Give a first time user of the channel pointers to see the value in their enrolment. Remove friction for mature app users by highlighting shortcuts and favourites based on their behaviours. Offer high frequency users with a gateway to your loyalty programme. Could you prevent a churn instance from a low-recency customer by highlighting value or gaining preferences? 

When should you communicate?

The immediacy of mobile channels provides the ability to be very targeted when engaging with customers to contact them in the moments that matter, but be cognizant that this is a personal channel and therefore ensure the timing and frequency of communications offers value and relevance rather than intrusion and disruption. Using the data available, the below are the categories that should collectively be considered when timing message delivery:

Moments of Relevance 

Scheduled: Here is your boarding pass for flight...

Behavioural: Congratulations on your Platinum status - see the benefits...

Contextual: 50% off ice cream when the weather hits 90 degrees...

Moments of Habit

When in the week and what time in the day does the customer habitually use the app. From prior communications when have we seen the customer most commonly follow a call to action? 

Moments of Convenience

Use data to identify the customer’s timezone to optimise time of send and prevent messaging in antisocial hours. Apply preferential data from the customer to ensure that the content and timing aligns to their specification.

So What?

Understanding impact is the most important data set, where the success metrics must map back onto the overarching business goals. Once a ‘north star’ has been established it is then to assess how to best use mobile data to drive additional context and relevance into your communications and maximise performance.

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