MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 10/03/21

This week in MarTech: Hopin raises $400 million, Upland acquires BlueVenn, Medallia acquires Decibel, Piano acquires AT Internet, Okta acquires Auth0, Sitecore acquires Boxever and Four51, Widen and Shutterstock partner, and Hyland acquire Nuxeo.

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Hopin Raises $400 Million

Let’s start with our big story this week. Virtual events provider Hopin has raised $400 million in a Series C funding round, now valuing the company at over $5 billion. The most recent cash injection follows a $125 million Series B funding round in November last year. To date, Hopin has raised a total of over $565 million. The funding will help scale the platform’s operations for a hybrid model and meet growing demand.

Upland Acquires BlueVenn

Next up, it’s not a martech round-up without moves being made in the CDP space. Upland Software have announced the acquisition of customer data platform, BlueVenn for $51.9 million in cash. The acquisition will enable Upland customers to centralise consumer data further supported by omnichannel digital engagement.

Medallia acquires Decibel

In our next story, Medallia, has acquired Decibel. The deal will enable Medallia’s customer experience and engagement platform to include digital feedback, providing a single view of their customers at every point of their journey.

Piano Acquires AT Internet

More acquisitions up next as Piano acquires AT Internet for an undisclosed fee. The deal will expand Piano’s platform for digital publishers by integrating with AT Internet’s data store, enabling Piano to provide a more comprehensive picture of the full customer journey.

Okta Acquires Auth0

In a similar space, more news. Okta acquires identity start-up, Auth0 for $6.5 billion. Auth0 was valued at $1.9 billion only last July when it raised $120 million in their previous series F funding round, led by Salesforce Ventures. The deal will give Okta’s identity platform a cloud company that helps developers embed identity management into applications.

Sitecore acquires Boxever and Four51

In our next story, it’s not one but two acquisitions in the pipeline for Sitecore as they announce the acquisition of Boxever and Four51. Both deals are likely to close by the end of March. Boxever brings customer data handling tools to enable personalisation, while Four51 brings a bundle of headless commerce APIs that connect back-end content systems from front-end e-commerce websites. 

Widen and Shutterstock Partner

Next up, Widen and Shutterstock partner to launch an integration that streamlines content workflows. Digital creative assets will now be automatically synced between the two platforms designed to decentralise content workflows.

Hyland acquire Nuxeo

More news in the DAM space up next, as Hyland have signed an agreement to acquire Nuxeo, the low-code platform with content services and digital asset management capabilities. Once the transaction closes, the entire Nuxeo business is expected to be managed under Hyland Software, Inc.

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