The Martech Report 22/23

Martech is more important than ever, and despite a more challenging economic situation in 2022, martech budgets are continuing to grow. The global market for Martech and Salestech is estimated to be worth $508.9bn.

As our latest State of Martech report finds organisations face a number of challenges around marketing technology. The biggest one is finding the skills and talent needed to drive martech initiatives.


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Bynder x OnBrand: The Unstoppable Rise of Digital Experience and the Role of Creativity as a Digital Differentiator

Check out the highlights of Studio OnBrand '21 and learn how to leverage data, content, and creativity to get a head start in the digital experience race.

Marketing Budgets Fall 4.6% In 2021, Martech Share of Budget Increases

Marketing spend as a percentage of revenue fell to 6.4% in 2021, though martech has increased its share, with CMOs expect to spend more in this area during 2022. 

South Western Railway Chooses Acxiom and Tealium to Transform its CX

Both the pandemic and GDPR regulation have changed the way the travel industry understands and interacts with its customers. As the industry enters its recovery, South Western Railway chose Acxiom..

What a Hybrid Event Is and Is Not

So, what is a hybrid event anyway? Should you care or should you just stream your event to a digital audience. Discover the details in post.

What Did Marketers Learn From 2020?

In 2020, all companies were faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges. The pandemic forced them to do things that once seemed impossible. They had to change business structures overnight under..

What Does Apple's New IOS Privacy Update Mean for Marketers?

Apple's new iOS 14.5 update and app tracking transparency feature will change the way marketers can access and use customer data.  

How AI Could be Involved in Your DX Strategy and why...

There are four main ways that you should implement AI into your Digital Experience strategy. Here's which ones and why...

What, Why, How of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) / Account Based Experience (ABX)

ABM is a strategic marketing approach that places personalised focus on targeted, key accounts. Our guide explains the benefits, and how to get started.

The Eight Types of Digital Marketing that You Should Know

The 8 main types of digital marketing that you should know about if you considering advertising your products or services online...

The Path to CX Individualization in the Age of AI

Optimizely is all about data-driven decisions. But, as Joey points out in his latest webinar for AntiConLX DialUp (Mini), 1/3rd of the companies employees are all there to work directly with..

The Role of JOE in your Marketing Stack with Apoorv Durga, PhD

Apoorv Durga of The Real Story Group on how you can improve your customer journey with something called JOE, and how that can fit into your martech stack.

2021 CX Trends & Insights Research Report

2021 CX Trends & Insights Research Report


Delivering exceptional customer experience is the key to remaining competitive in 2021 and beyond.