The Martech Report 22/23

Martech is more important than ever, and despite a more challenging economic situation in 2022, martech budgets are continuing to grow. The global market for Martech and Salestech is estimated to be worth $508.9bn.

As our latest State of Martech report finds organisations face a number of challenges around marketing technology. The biggest one is finding the skills and talent needed to drive martech initiatives.


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The Top 5 AI Content Tools For Speedy (and Effective) Content

A recent article published by Forbes estimates that as much as 60% of marketers believe that AI and machine learning will completely change how they create content. So, what tools can you use, you..


Are Brands Dead?

Just 48% of consumers say that "brands appear genuine about what they say and stand for", and it's only getting worse. So, are brands dead?


Is Generative AI the Future of Content?

Could you tell if an article was written by AI? Many marketers are concerned and excited by the future of content creation, from art to articles, and everything in between.


How Does Connected TV (CTV) Marketing Work?

Connected TV is, in basic terms, any device that is connected to a television to support video content and streaming. 

What is Direct-to-Avatar?

Cutting out the middleman, and bypassing humans completely, Direct-to-avatar might change the face of consumer business models for good.

What Is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is above all a customer-centric approach. It is dialogue-driven, easy, and accessible. So, it's no surprise that it's become the go-to strategy for driving customer..

MarTech News: Round-Up 08/09/22

⚙️  Blueshift Debuts Pre-Built AI Recommendations  ✍️   Zuora To Acquire Zephr  👥  Carrieverse Partners With Polygon  ⚙️  Iheartmedia Launches Metaverse Hub Iheartland  ✍️   Ooma Acquires OnSIP  ✍️   Linnworks..

What is Dark Social, and Why Should I Care?

'Dark Social' is when users will share content via private channels, such as email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or text. Is it as spooky as it sounds?

MarTech News: Round-Up 01/09/22

👥 Neustar Partners With InfoSum  ✍️ QuestionPro Acquires Digsite  ✍️  Medallia Acquires Mindful 💰 Lily AI Closes $25M Series B ⚙️Iheartmedia Launches Metaverse Hub Iheartland  ✍️ Sterling Technology..

What are Creator Coins? Should I Care?

With Creator Coins, influencers will be able to craft their own type of cryptocurrency, with which they can build fan engagement. 


GameFi and Marketing: The Top 5 Play-to-Earn and NFT Games

2022 has been the year for GameFi fundraising, in fact, Metaverse and Gaming fundraising saw a huge increase from $874M in 2021, to $2.4B in 2022

How Personalisation Combats Uncertainty in the Customer Journey

As uncertainty rises worldwide, brands can reassure consumers through personalisation


3 Simple Steps for Building an Engaged Online Community

 It's all about building an engaged, excited online community. Here are three steps you can take to do it. 

The Value of Marketing Certifications

As a learning business, we get to meet all sorts of marketers who want to keep upgrading with us. 


TikTok's Algorithm in 2022: Here’s How it Works

TikTok is expected to reach a whopping 84.9M users by the end of 2022. On top of this, as of April 2022, almost half of TikTok users in the U.S were a young demographic, being between 18 to 34..


How to Effectively Measure Email Marketing

Exploring what the metrics are, how to calculate them, how to use them, and how to turn them into actionable insights can impact your program

Which Social Media Platform Algorithm Will Work For You?

The algorithms of the biggest social media platforms are constantly changing. As the priorities of these companies shift, the strategies of content creators will need to as well.


Why Is Email Production So Hard? And What You Can Do About It

There is so much that goes into making one email. It can take over two days to create and execute a new email campaign, according to 40% of companies. So why is email production so hard? And what can..

How to Increase Online Sales Using Live Chat

Online businesses often look to leverage their sales and business by using social media and community to their fullest potential. This means developing the right brand messaging while communicating..

Top Tips for Creating Effective Email Content

It takes plenty of practice to perfect the art of creating effective email campaigns - and there is a lot to learn. 

Will GPT-3 and Language Models Replace Your Content Team?

Though inferring word probabilities from context, LLMs can build an abstract understanding of natural language, which can be used for a bunch of different tasks. So will they replace your content..

3 Excellent Examples of IoT Marketing Strategies

The use of IoT in marketing is about thinking outside the box and offering services in a valuable way for the customer irl.


5 Myths About Customer Experience

Experience is largely made up from emotion. So, aim for a sustainable service not unachievable myths. Find out the top five, here!

How a DAM can improve content ROI

A guide to digital asset management platforms and the content challenges they can solve

Accessibility In Email: How Important Is It?

Email open rates average at around 20% which means for every five people who receive your email four won't even open it.

Accessibility In Email: How Important Is It?

The average person receives over  100 emails a day  - so around 20 of those they are opening and engaging with. 

7 MarTech Trends Marketers Should Know

At AntiConLX, a unique conference for marketing technology enthusiasts to gather, share, and learn, it was time to pull out the crystal ball and data insights on emerging trends. 

AntiConLX Global 2022 - Building and Scaling Your Brand Identity in a Digital World

1st July 2022, AntiConLX 2022 On Demand

AntiConLX Global 2022 - Four Areas That Will Turn Your Content Strategy Into A Growth Engine

1st July 2022, AntiConLX 2022 On Demand

AntiConLX Global 2022 - Delivering Meaningful Engagement Using First Party Data

1st July 2022, AntiConLX 2022 On Demand

AntiConLX Global 2022 - How Nespresso Humanises the Digital Customer Experience

1st July 2022, AntiConLX 2022 On Demand

AntiConLX Global 2022 - Content is Dead. Long Live Content Experiences

1st July 2022, AntiConLX 2022 On Demand

Three Brands With The Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing strategy is a hard graft sometimes. Which brands have the best approaches, and how can you grow your business with digital marketing?

How to Use Storytelling in Your Sales

Sales storytelling is both an art and a science. So how can you create a narrative that creates a connection with your prospect?

The Top 10 SalesTech Influencers to Follow Right Now

We've got established names, we've got new names, all with one thing in common: they're mad for Salestech. 

The Top Hot Takes on the Twitter Takeover

Elon Musk has struck a deal to acquire Twitter for  $44bn.  And marketers have a lot to say. 

The Ultimate Guide to Metaverse Influencers: What Do They Mean For the Future of Marketing?

The influencer marketing industry potentially reaching $16.4B in 2022, there's no sign of it slowing down. So, where's it going next? Well, the Metaverse, of course!

Word of Mouth Marketing: Stats and Trends for 2022

Word of mouth marketing drives a whopping $6T of annual consumer spending and is estimated to account for 13% of consumer sales.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations and You: The Marketer's Ultimate Guide to DAOs

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations are basically a flat-hierarchy group, that operates under a shared goal.

Top 6 Stats which Prove The Importance of the Welcome Email (and 5 Top Examples!)

With a whopping  ROI of 122%,  email marketing is nothing to be sniffed at.

Martech WebSesh: How Greggs revolutionised their CX

Watch on demand: 30 minute online presentation followed by a 15 min speaker Q&A. 


The History of LXA (Formally Known as MarTech Alliance) Sarah O'Neill | 7 April, 2022

How it started....how it's going...


Top 10 April Fool’s Jokes From Marketers in 2022

Every year, brands craft April Fool's campaigns. It offers an opportunity to communicate a light-hearted subversion of their brand image, entertaining their current community, whilst gaining..


How Headless Commerce Improves the Customer Experience

In increasingly competitive markets, customer experience (CX) can be the key differentiator for consumers. In a digital-first world where customer journeys are complex, providing the best possible..

The Facts Behind Why Marketing Gamification Works

It's no secret that effective marketing needs to engage the customers in a meaningful way. At Leadfamly, we've always believed that by using game mechanics in your marketing, brands are able to..

Seth Godin on B2B Personalisation Perfection

What does marketer, speaker, teacher, author, all-round great guy Seth Godin have to say? What does he think about the challenges and opportunities of perfecting a personalisation strategy? What he..

Martech WebSesh: 2022 CX Trends decoded: From key report insights to case studies of rich DX activations

Watch on demand: 30 minute online presentation followed by a 15 min speaker Q&A. 


Confidence in Customer Engagement is Paying Off for Brands

From a survey of 1,500 VP+ marketing executives, conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Braze, emerged three customer engagement trends. Number one, brands are more confident than ever about..

Who is Ann Handley?

Digital marketing and content expert. Writer and bestselling author. Keynote speaker and world's first Chief Content Office. #Queen, according to a Content Marketing World audience member. Who is Ann..

MarTech Alliance's Ultimate UK Super Bowl Translation Guide

Read MarTech Alliance's Ultimate UK Super Bowl Translation Guide, specially made for UK viewers in mind!

The Top Five Virtual Event Trends We'll See in 2022

The virtual events industry is expected to grow ten-fold over the coming decade - from $78B to $774B. So, it shows no signs of slowing down.

OPINION: Putting Your Loyalty Programme at The Heart Of Next-Gen CX

Case studies, tutorials and tips for marketers responsible for implementing marketing strategy and campaigns.

Gamification in Marketing: Stats and Trends for 2022

Gamification as an industry, it's grown significantly over the last few years, and is predicted to grow even further.

MarTech Alliance's Top 5 2022 Predictions For Martech

2021 was a year in which the martech industry grew, and grew, and continues to grow. Our martech report estimated that the global market for marketing technology was worth $344.8bn. What will we see..

2022's 10 Most In Demand Skills for Technology and Marketing

Upwork the world's work marketplace, has announced the 10 most in-demand skills for technology, marketing, and customer service independent talent on Upwork in 2022.

5 Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

We’re here to look at the future marketing trends to watch out for in 2022. The developments that will shape the way we create and publish content. The new methods we can use to engage with our..

Marketing Ops Perspective: Three Steps to Improving Your Content Syndication Efforts in a Precision Demand Marketing World

Content syndication is a tried-and-true channel for B2B marketers. Here are three ways to improve your content syndication efforts to align with a Precision Demand Marketing approach.

Creating Multi-Channel Campaigns 101

So, you’ve put energy into your creative campaign theme, but that’s only part of the journey. It will fall flat and not reach your highest potential targeted reach if you’re not strategically..

3 Ways to Support and Delight Your Customers

According to a study conducted by Loyalty One, 94% of customers who received a surprise gift or special recognition felt more positive about the sending company and 34% of customers gave the brand..

How Deeply is Customer Experience Measurement Affected by AdBlockers?

Ad blockers are widespread these days and are used by many users. Today, 42.7% of internet users worldwide report using an ad blocker.



Three Top Examples of Unsubscribe Emails (and Why They Work!)

You've finally crafted the perfect email. It's pure art - how have you managed to match that Schitt's Creek gif so perfectly to the bullet points?! But wait, what's that? Someone's unsubscribed?..

AntiConLX DialUp w/ Seth Godin

Marketing legend Seth Godin joins us on the virtual stage for a 30 minute Q&A. Catch the action on-demand.


AntiConLX DialUp: Steven Bartlett Explains Why Email Still Works

If you caught our AntiConLX DialUp sesh with Steven Bartlett, Ol' S.B gave us a run down on his top five B2B predictions for 2022. Among these was a big reveal: traditional social media is dead.

A CMO's Guide To CDPs: Achieving A Unified Customer Experience

This field borrows heavily from the agile software development framework, which was popularized by the 2001 Manifesto for Agile Software Development. Agile software development emphasizes..

How to Make Content Syndication Work in Today's B2B Precision Demand Marketing World

If you're a seasoned demand generation marketer, you've probably felt burned by content syndication programs at some point or another. And while content syndication has long been a critical channel..

Bynder's Digital Asset Management Helps Brands Deliver Digital Experiences at Scale [4/4]

Businesses always need to find new ways to engage customers, but the ever-changing digital landscape makes this goal more challenging. Quality becomes an issue on its own due to spammy content or..

New at ON24: Meeting Scheduler, Embeddable Target Experiences, and More!

Big changes are coming to the ON24 Platform this month and first on the list are updates to ON24 Engagement Hub and ON24 Target.


What Is Behavioural Marketing, and Will it Stick Around?

Behavioural marketing isn't just being nice and polite in your campaigns. Please, sir, buy our product. Please and thank you. So very kind of you. In fact, people would probably find that..

Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy: Top Tips To Retain Customers

While customer acquisition and marketing initiatives to generate new customers is important, customer retention of existing high-value customers is key. If you are focusing most of your marketing..

What is a Spam Trap? How Can I Avoid One?

A spam trap is not just when you get your hand caught in a tin of processed, canned meat. I mean, it is an equally unpleasant situation, but one is a little more present in marketing than the other...

How to Write BLACK FRIDAY!! Email Subject Lines, and Three Top Examples

As a rule you should really avoid your inbox on Black Friday. Just the amount of ⏰clock emojis⌛ is enough to send anyone into a tailspin. 

All you have to do is take a gander at my inbox this..

Improve Your Company’s Employee Education With Webinars

Webinars provide information to investors, prospects and customers, but they're also excellent tools for employee education. And, best yet, they can do so in a fun, entertaining and well-designed..

Everything You Think You Know About Leads Is Wrong

In 2021, more organizations are shifting towards an ABM program, and we're seeing marketing and sales departments work closer together.

Torchy's Tacos: The Customer Engagement Suite Difference

From Dallas to Denver, Rogers to Rayleigh, Boulder to Baton Rouge, Torchy's Tacos has been fuelling fiery foodies with damn good tacos for over 15 years.

Clean and Clear: Why Email Hygiene is Still Essential

One out of every five emails never makes it to the recipient's inbox. It might be blocked by the service provider, or go into the junk folder.  Bad deliverability leads to a bad reputation. And that..

Influencer vs Affiliate Marketing: Who Wins?

Ding ding ding! The ref asks for a fair fight. Influencer steps out the red corner. Affiliate steps out the blue corner.

Affiliate stops to take a selfie. Influencer does a sponsorship announcement..

How are Brands Crafting Digital Experiences That Convert and Drive Revenue? [3/4]

As marketers, we know that creative content is a powerful way to tell our brand stories and generate leads, but marketing isn't only about getting your products or services in front of as many eyes..

Marketing Automation: Stats and Trends

There's a lot you need to know about Marketing Automation before you dive straight into the deep end. Here's some stats!

What is Intelligent Time Email Sending?

Turns out Intelligent Time is not when you drink 5 Red bulls, eat a handful of Skittles, and go into your High School Geography exam. That's called The Big Brain Event and it's a completely different..

When Should You Use a Hybrid Event? 5 Scenarios to Consider

The B2B marketing world is abuzz with hybrid events, an event format promising to meld together the best elements of physical and virtual events.

"Is it bad to send an email on a Friday?" Your email timing FAQs answered

Unfortunately, we will not be answering questions on how to get the coveted 'marketing_rockstar420@gmail.com' address in this article. Although, I can put you in contact with a guy who can get you..

How to Use Personalisation Without Cookies

Personalised cookies involve those giant Millie's ones with the name "DAVE" on it. Cookies without personalisation is a whole new kettle of fish.

A recent survey from McKinsey found that 90% of..

The Video Marketing Strategy You Need to Succeed

Follow every step you need to create a successful video marketing strategy, including goal setting, budgeting, establishing responsibilities, and more.

Vidyard's Ultimate Video Marketing Guide

Discover everything you need to know to get started with video marketing, from developing a strategy and determining what video types to make to distributing and analysing your content.

DXP Buyer's Guide

To understand why a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is important, first we have to define what digital experience is. Clearly, every one of us has experienced an interaction with a brand or another..

Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy: Top Tips to Grow Your Customer Base

Regardless of what industry you are in, it's a well-established rule that around 80% of a company's revenue comes from 20% of its customers.

3 of the Best Influencer Campaigns Ever - and Why They Worked

A report from Mediakix suggested that the influencer marketing industry global ad spend was projected to reach $5-$10 billion market in 2020. 

The Event Planner’s Plan for Hybrid Event Data

In the last year, event planners have had to pivot their entire strategy to digital, unlocking a more dynamic, personalized experience while reaching a much larger audience than possible with..

Why is Creative Content Essential to Crafting Powerful Digital Experiences? [2/4]

Digital experience is the hottest (and most profitable) trend in marketing right now. As the digital world continues to expand, so do customer expectations.

Retro Tech: Are Plain Text Emails the Future (As Well As the Past)?

Plain text emails are still incredibly valuable in 2021. Although they might not be as immediately striking as HTML-based emails, they can play a really important part in a company's email marketing..

How to Combine Email Personalisation and ABM

Hey you. How're you doing? I've bought you those chocolates you like. Yep, the ones with the orange cream in. Well, each to their own, right? Look what I've got - yep, it's a replica of the teddy..

How to Build an Email List from Scratch

You've got three twigs, a roll of duct tape, and a handful of pushpins. Now, build your email list. C'mon, you were in the Scouts. You've got five minutes. 


3 Lessons for Creating a More Unified Customer Experience (CX)

We're sharing key lessons from our research into marketer and consumer expectations around customer experience and privacy from our global CX report.

How to Drive Successful Demos With Webinars

Running a successful, always-on demo program with webinars can help boost a brand, engage audiences and help organizations identify and qualify leads that are actually a suitable fit for your service.

How and Why to Create an ABM Content Strategy

ABM this. ABM that. Seems like all everyone does is talk about ABM. But it's for good reason. I mean ABM doesn't stand for awesome, brilliant marketing for nothing. Wait, what, it doesn't mean that?

Nobody using your brand guidelines? Here’s why

Let's cut to the chase here: if you have a hand in creating, using, or communicating branded content, you don’t need us to explain why brand guidelines are necessary.

New at ON24: Hybrid Mode, Live Content in Engagement Hub and More!

At ON24, we're constantly working to provide you with the best digital engagement platform possible. The result? Better digital experiences for your audience and better insights for you.

Online Retailers Need to Work on Website Performance: Report

Online retailers need to work hard to match the levels of experience expected by customers, according to a recent report. 

The report, Website Experience Trends That Are Shaping Online Retail, was..

Chatbots vs Conversational AI vs Virtual Assistants: What's the Difference?

 Oh thank goodness, the robots are fighting among themselves. I was so worried they'd turn on us instead. Wait, what, they've teamed up in an unstoppable alliance? NOOOOooo!

Recently, AI and ML..

AntiConLX DialUp: Algorithms & Incentives: The Secret Forces of the Web

The dark underbelly of tech. Rising financial inequality and political strife. Italian Cooking and a big ol' pestle and mortar. Rand Fishkin explored all the biggest topics of our digital age in his..

Driving your martech maturity - How to achieve journey orchestration excellence

We are moving away from a one size fits all platform to catering for new and diverse platforms. 


Marketing Campaigning - 8 Steps to Creating a Powerful Marketing Campaigns

8 Step Campaign Framework to creating a powerful marketing campaign. 


AntiConLX DialUp: Martech Won't solve Your $hit CX Journey Design


SHUT UP and Listen to your Smart Speaker

Maria Reyes, Marketing Director at Bauer Media talks about voice technology and how she ended up doing voice for Bauer.


The new B2B buyer journey – Wrapping your marketing strategy around new digitised buyer behaviours.

The journey of implementing  a MarTech stack and the effect that has had on the company.


Twitter's Role in Your Marketing Technology Strategy

Carlos Cantu speaks about what Twitter has to offer for brands. 


4 Common Challenges Marketers Face and Why it's Time to Invest in Video

video marketing, story telling, video

Content marketing - Storytelling And Data: Why Emotional Data Is The Answer To MarTech

This video looks at the link between storytelling and data. Why emotional data is the answer to technology, time and trust. 


Content tech - The strategy and stack you need to reach a global audience

How to reach a global audience, using the MarTech Alliance's 4Ps


Increase advertising spend efficiency through conversion rate prediction 

20% of keywords never generated a conversion. This represents 22% of our spend in 2019 for paid search. This presentation looks at how to increase spend on advertising effectively. 


Geeking out on developing a customer centric product

This presentation looks at geeking out on developing a customer-centric product. Talking about how to address the customer needs and understand the customer problems to create the right experience. 


Email Deliverability: A Journey to the Inbox

Email is the central strategy where customer engagement is built. Its the core thread, this presentation investigates the process of this. 


Half the money I spend on AI is wasted

Understanding why money spent on advertising is wasted, a look into return on investment and AI. 


Journey orchestration design & execution – People, Process & Platforms

The future is faster than you think. This talk looks at the fact people have no idea how fast things are changing


Kim Kardashian and the Reality of Agile Web Optimization

A talk at AntiConLX Global by Jeff Eckman, CEO of Blue Green Brands 


Marketing Campaigning - Brands leading the conversation in times of crisis

The effects of 2020 on marketing and how to start a new marketing plan from scratch. 


Neuromarketing, the Science of Purchasing Behaviour: How to Use It Effectively to Attract and Convert More Prospects Into Customers

How to understand consumer behaviour, Flavilla looks at the effects of different elements such as emotions and sensory marketing on purchasing behaviours. 


Search tech - No Wrong Answers: Search, Lies and Experiences

John talks about the challenges presented by search, opportunities that have come around by change and ways ahead. 


AntiConLX DialUp: Social Features, the Secret to Making Your App Memorable


Social listening - How to Better Understand Your Customers And Their Sources of Influence

How to better understand your customers and then sources of influence. 


ROX: Where CX and EX overlap

We all know what CX is here. Most of us know what EX is too. But do we know what ROX is? The chances are that knowing the term Return on Investment shortens to ROI, then you can work out that ROX..

The Opportunity for Brands in AR Commerce

This video looks at the power of AR, why the camera matters, the 3C's of camera marketing and creating scalable AR from home.


The Top 10 Instagram Engagement Hacks of All Time (and What's Clubhouse Got to Do with It?)

The secrets behind how Larry blew up his Instagram 


What I learned from scaling from 1 to 20 webinars per quarter

The great webinar bonanza. A look into what we've learnt from the events of 2020.


CDPs - Architecting your data to your omnichannel delivery

With Harish Kundari, Martech & Digital Lead ASEAN/APAC - Coca-Cola

Social listening - Marketing to the New Mainstream: An agile approach to trend & audience intelligence

An agile approach to trend and audience intelligence. Combining conversational and behavioural data to help understand audiences. 


Pandemic-Focused Email Benchmark Assessment

It's been a while since we've provided an update on email benchmark trends in light of the pandemic and the ever-evolving situation that has unfolded over the last 16 months.

What is BIMI and Will it Be Revolutionary for Email Marketing?

BIMI sounds like the plucky little robot from a Sci-fi film. He's travelled all the way from his factory to save the Earth's last copy of Permission Marketing by Seth Godin. What a hero. 


The ingredients to successfully driving omnichannel personalisation at scale


Creativity & ML - Where Machine Learning Meets Human Creativity

AI is set to be the most disruptive force in marketing for the next 10-20 years. It will be part of the whole marketing ecosystem in the near future. It will impact every part of the business. 


Acxiom Partners with Adobe to Deliver Personalised Content-Based Customer Experiences

London Customer intelligence company Acxiom, whose data-driven solutions create business growth by enabling better customer experiences, today announced that Acxiom Real Identity will be seamlessly..

How Social Media Can Boost Account Based Marketing

Now, we don't mean you should send the CEO of your biggest account a viral video of a baby giraffe walking around. Actually, that might just work- baby giraffes are very, very cute. The CEO has..


Five Key Trends in Events Tech

Things are beginning to return to normal in regard to life post-Covid. Nonetheless, many of the changes in life that the pandemic introduced through necessity are here to stay.

More and more..

7 Key Insights From Email Competitive Intelligence to Help You Master the Inbox

Email is a key communication channel for businesses to engage with customers. And those emails often contain a lot of information about the products and services being provided - so how can you use..

The Secrets Of Coca-Cola's Branding And Marketing Strategies: What Marketers Can Learn From One Of The World’s Most Iconic Multi-Brand Portfolio Powerhouses

33 billion dollars. That's the annual revenue of the Coca-Cola Company from 2020.

5 Top Examples of B2B Cold Emails

Between 83%-92% of that content is watched without the viewer turning the audio on. Plus, video posts have 135% higher organic reach than regular photo posts, so you need to make the absolute most..

Email Marketing Strategy Requires a Rethink: Gartner

Email has long had an excellent reputation for delivering in terms of ROI, but in a new report, just 47% of marketers rate it as an effective channel. 

This is one of the findings from Gartner’s..

Can AI Level up Your DAM?

AI and Machine Learning might sound like a Electro-funk duo, but in fact it represents a new, competitive advantage for marketers. In fact 43% of organisations currently use or plan to build/buy AI..

Webinar: how DAM can power engaging digital experience that build strong brands

Over here at The MarTech Alliance, we were lucky enough to be joined by the lovely Bynder, who hosted a webinar on The new content & creative engine for a digital first world - how DAM can power..

Four of the Best Growth Hacking Case Studies

Growth hacking is, basically, a term used for any strategy focused on growth, especially in regards to early-stage start-ups. This is usually who needs to see a large amount of growth, in a small..

How to Personalise your B2B Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing tends to thrive through using a couple of elements: directness, engagement and relevance. But although these apply to B2B, you'll need some extra considerations.

Webinar: B2B Personalisation Perfection with Seth Godin and ON24

Seth Godin, Tyler Lessard, Emily Smith, and Andrew Hall join Carlos Doughty for a webinar on Personalisation Perfection, thanks to the good people at ON24!

What Is Content Personalisation and Why Does It Matter?

Static content is a thing of the past. New personalisation tech makes websites dynamic, and constantly moving, based on the visitor. Content will change to provide an experience tailored to the user...

How Hybrid Events Have Evolved and Where They Go From Here

What's in store for the future of hybrid events? Our very own Cheri Keith take a look at where hybrid events came from and where they're going.

UNKNOWN + KNOWN: Analytics As A Step In The Path Toward Personalisation

What role does analytics play in marketing? What can analytics add to a holistic marketing strategy combining panel-based and people-based marketing?

What is Good Content Marketing?

Most people spend nearly seven hours every day online. As a brand, this gives you an opportunity to be a part of whatever people are watching, reading, or listening to in the form of content.

15 of the Best Content Marketing Tools on the Market

We take a look at some of the best content marketing tools, from content creation to measurement

Web Sesh: The Power of Unified Data: Personalising a Seamless Customer Experience

Customer data is at the center of delivering a personalised, seamless customer experience. However, often customer data is locked within various silos and business units. Join us as we explore how a..

Getting The Most out of the New ON24 Engagement Hub

Keep your content journeys going with streamlined experiences. See how the new ON24 Engagement Hub makes it possible with embeddable webinars.

3 Colour Rule's Flavilla Fongang: The Brand Experience Futurist Shaping the Martech Industry

Flavilla is a recognised leader in marketing, and for good reason. and now, she's coming to speak at this year's AntiConLX Global. So, we've sat down to talk with her, about all things tech,..

Retro Tech: Are QR codes making a comeback?

Flavilla is a recognised leader in marketing, and for good reason. and now, she's coming to speak at this year's AntiConLX Global. So, we've sat down to talk with her, about all things tech,..

Tips & Tricks for Large File Sharing

Discover the easy ways to share large files both internally within your workplace and externally. Whether it is cloud-based storage or a dedicated DAM platform, there are a number of ways to safely..

Website Experience Trends That Are Shaping Online Retail

Website Experience Trends That Are Shaping Online Retail

Uncover the latest website experience trends and some key areas for improvement.

Retro Tech: Is SMS messaging making a comeback?

But SMS marketing is making a comeback. Its usage actually increased by 197% between 2015 and 2017 alone. This is particularly true in the B2B space, where clients would rather text with a business..

How to Use Technology to Improve Customer Service

Even if you think your customer service is perfect, there's always plenty of room to improve it. Here's how to do that!

Three Tips for Top Tier Content Marketing for Start-ups

Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing can cost up to 62% less. But The Content Marketing Institute reports that over 63% of businesses don't have a formal or documented content..

How to Write a Webinar Agenda

A webinar agenda is more than just an outline. Learn how to write an agenda that'll plot a course for webinar success with this blog post.

Personalisation: Stats and Trends for 2021

Key stats and trends on the use of personalisation in marketing, including customer expectations, ROI and much more.

How Are B2B and B2C Content Marketing Different?

How does B2B content marketing differ from B2C? What are the key challenges? Where can B2B learn from B2C?

Why Social Listening Can Be a Valuable B2B Marketing Tactic

Social listening can be a very useful B2B tactic. In this article, we look at how B2B companies can use social listening, and some tools to check out.

Top 5 uses for Digital Brand Templates

From quicker content localization to digital ad production, check out five use cases for Bynder's Digital Brand Templates, featuring common customer use cases.

How to Use AI to Write Eye-Catching Email Subject Lines

Subject lines are up there for the most important parts of a successful email marketing campaign. Basically, if recipients choose to open your emails, you'll be able to start them down the pipeline...

How to Pick a Brand-Relevant Influencer (and Three Top Tier Examples!)

Mediakix have suggested that the influencer marketing industry global ad spend was projected to reach $5-$10 billion market in 2020. But 30% of professionals claimed that influencer identification..

Social Video Marketing: Stats and Trends for 2021

What is the best social media platform to use for your video marketing? Here are a few stats to help you decide.

DAM in the DX [2/4]: Building a business case for DAM integrations

Want to build a business case for an integrations strategy at your organization? This post will help you get started, while also helping you to better understand the wider value that can be achieved..

Brands Failing to Meet Customer Experience Expectations: Report

Just 10% of customers feel that brands are providing what they see as a 'good experience', though 82% of marketers feel they are meeting consumer expectations. 

How to Personalise Your Marketing Without Being Creepy

It's quite the conundrum. Customers want personalised content, but they don't want me to go through their bins to find out what brand of deodorant they're using?! The contradictions are endless. 

What is a Headless CMS? Explain it Simply Please!

What is a headless CMS? We explain the concept, how if differs from a normal CMS, and the use cases for headless.

DAM in the DX [1/4]: Crafting amazing digital experiences with DAM

Want to craft amazing digital experiences for both your customers and internal workforce? All of that starts with understanding the tools you use, and how it plays into your overall content marketing..

How to Drive Successful Virtual Training Webinars

How can you drive a successful virtual training webinar? Discover the essentials of setting up and running one in this blog post.

Ten of the Worst Marketing Mistakes Ever to Grace Our Planet

We present ten of the worst marketing mistakes, with examples from Gap, Pepsi, Apple and more.

What Does the Email Newsletter of 2021 Look Like?

Your business's email newsletter have help, or hinder,  the delivery of company information. It's a way for you to communicate with your audience in a way which is informative and entertaining,..

What is MarTech?

What exactly is martech and why is it so important? Marketing technology, or “martech” as it is so often referred, is one of those buzzwords that you hear popping up outside of the digital sphere..

How To Use Video in Your Email Marketing

Email marketing leads to way more action being taken by readers. Research has shown that video-based email marketing can significantly increase conversions - that means click-through rates increasing..

Five Emails to Get People Turning Up to Your Events

78% of event creators say email marketing is their most effective marketing tactic. And for those who track it, 45% of event ticket sales can be attributed to email. So, how do you do it well? Let's..

Why Omnichannel Marketing Is Key to Customer Engagement

How do you crawl, walk, and run to omnichannel marketing? This question was at the core of LXAs recent Web Sesh, Driving Customer Engagement in a Distracted World

How Marketers Can Make the Most of Small Hybrid Events

Big, small or in between — you need to ensure your hybrid events drive real, measurable results. Understand the essentials in this post.

The Best of Hybrid, In-person and Virtual Experiences

I pitched this article to my manager and one of the words I used in my provisional title resulted in me hearing him swear for the first time. On reflection, I am ashamed of the word I used. It’s..

Five Examples of Apology Emails (and Why They Work)

if you're facing these issues: expired promotional codes, privacy breaches, or emailing the wrong list segment, then it might be time for an apology email.

How Brands Can Utilise User Generated Content

User-generated content has become a very important part of a modern marketing strategy. In an era where trust is king, consumers are turning to friends and family (or at least influencers..

3 Ways to Maximize Productivity for Marketers with Bynder and Wrike

Bynder partners with work management platform Wrike to help brands worldwide maximize productivity and accelerate business growth.

Flipping the Webinar Script: 5 Rules to Break in 2021 and Beyond

Not sure about how to deliver effective, engaging webinars? You gotta break some rules. Discover the 5 webinar rules to break in 2021 here.

Should Marketers Invest in Personalised Video Content?

80% of Twitter users say they prefer video content. Hubspot reported that over 50% of consumers want to see more video content from brands they follow. So the audience is there. Now, it's up to you..

What, Why, How of How of Growth Hacking

Our guide to growth hacking, looking into growth techniques with examples and best practices.

WebSesh: Unlocking Exceptional Customer Experience (CX) Through Your Loyalty Marketing Programme

How, oh how, do you unlock exceptional CX in such a disruptive digital age? If you couldn’t make the live sesh, don’t sweat it, we’re about to round it up in words.

Four Tips to Improve Your Chatbots

With chatbots becoming more and more vital in the world of Customer Service and Experience, you need to make sure yours is up to scratch. Here's how to improve yours...

4 Branding Tips That'll Make Your Hybrid Event Stand Out

So, how do you even brand a hybrid event? Accommodate both physical and digital attributes with our four hybrid event branding tips.

Four Examples of Eye-Catching Welcome Emails

Sending a welcome email will likely net you 320% more revenue than promotional emails. So how do you do it?

What, Why, How of the Creator Economy

The creator economy refers to the monetisation of work made by independent creators. From vloggers, to streamers, to influencers, to YouTube dog chefs, the creator economy implies a shift in the..

What is Natural Language Generation, and is it the Future of Content?

Gartner estimates that by 2020, natural language generation and artificial intelligence will be a standard feature of 90 percent of modern BI platforms. So, this is where NLG comes in. 

How Hybrid Events Can Increase Sponsorship Revenue

Hybrid events can help increase sponsorship enthusiasm and revenue. How? We dive into the details in this blog post.

Five Examples of Customer Re-engagement Emails (and Why They Work)

Businesses lose a fourth of their email list volume every year. So, to avoid churn, your list has to be managed correctly. Starting with chopping at those disengaged subscribers. 

Three Key Benefits of Data Driven Email Marketing

How do you avoid wasting your email marketing? These e-miracles are the most effective marketing channel hands down; for every $1 spent, you can expect a ROI of $51. And with more than 290 billion..

Bynder x OnBrand: The Unstoppable Rise of Digital Experience and the Role of Creativity as a Digital Differentiator

Check out the highlights of Studio OnBrand '21 and learn how to leverage data, content, and creativity to get a head start in the digital experience race.

What a Hybrid Event Is and Is Not

So, what is a hybrid event anyway? Should you care or should you just stream your event to a digital audience. Discover the details in post.

The Role of JOE in your Marketing Stack with Apoorv Durga, PhD

Apoorv Durga of The Real Story Group on how you can improve your customer journey with something called JOE, and how that can fit into your martech stack.

How Journey Orchestration Enables Real-Time Decision Making

Forester VP and Principal Analyst Joana de Quintanilha explains the importance of journey orchestration, and how it enables real time decision making.

5 Mindful Practices for Content Zen

Restore balance to your marketing. Learn five mindful practices to experience content zen.

What CMOs Must Consider When Relaunching their Brand Websites

Acquia CMO, Lynne Capozzi, shares what capabilities marketing leaders need when relaunching their brand websites.

How to Host a Successful Webinar

If you want to know how to run a successful webinar, then look no further than our very own webinar with webinar expert Mark Bornstein!

Virtual Events vs In-Person Events: Pros and Cons

Will virtual events still play a part in our post-pandemic business lives or will in-person events return to take their place?

Singapore Institute of Technology Can Now Build Webpages in Less than 30 Minutes with Acquia Cloud Platform

To achieve higher efficiency, consistency and scalability in managing their web content, the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) turned to Acquia.

Book Of The Month - Content Inc.

Written by Joe Pulizzi, the "Second Edition" of Content Inc goes into even more detail on how to develop genuinely brilliant content and so, so much more

Instagram's Algorithm in 2021: Here's How it Works

Instagram has revealed details of its algorithm. Here's what we know about it and what you can learn to make your posts more successful.

The Website Relaunch Survival Guide: Building a Personalisation Strategy

We've been using our website relaunch series to give our audience a behind-the-scenes look at how we're using our own tools and technology to build a new and improved experience across Acquia.com...

Acxiom And Mullenlowe Profero Launch Fuse An End-To-End Owned Channel Personalisation Solution

Acxiom and MullenLowe Profero have partnered to launch ‘Fuse’, a Customer Data Platform led, owned-channel personalisation solution for marketing. Brands will be able to provide more valuable..

Demand Generation vs Lead Generation: What's the Difference?

Lead generation and demand generation are two different but complementary things. Demand generation should create interest for your products which can then be turned into leads.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing Lead Generation

A look at some of the key mistakes which may be holding back your lead generation efforts.

Why Books Should Become Part of your Content Marketing Strategy

How books can boost your content marketing strategy, helping to build your brand and audience.

WTF are Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets can give your pages the edge in search results. We look at what snippets are, and how you can use them to promote your content more effectively.

5 Marketing Metrics You Need To Measure Return on Engagement

It's time to rethink your marketing with metrics that matter. Learn why you need to measure your Return on Engagement in this post.

You've Heard of Shadow IT, but Have you Heard of Shadow Creative?

Discover the meaning of shadow creative and learn how creative automation can protect companies from the dangers posed by this practice.

Going Virtual: How 10 Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement

The examples featured in this guide show how digital experiences can help achieve a broad number of goals, from powering key marketing campaigns to taking an entire industry conference online.

How DAM Can Turbo-Charge Your Website and Create Powerful Digital Experiences

Want to speed up your website and reduce bounce rate? Find out how image optimization and automation can create powerful digital experiences for your customers.

Abbvie Transforms In-person Events Digitally To Drive Ongoing Engagement

Read our case study to see how Abbvie Transforms In-person Events Digitally To Drive Ongoing Engagement

Meet the odd couple: Creative + Operations

Creative operations brings structure, process and metrics to the creative process to optimize timeliness, capacity and costs. It involves looking at the creative process like a supply chain and..

How Dutch hair cosmetics brand Keune styles exceptional client experiences with DAM

See how Dutch hair care specialists Keune leverage Bynder to maintain brand consistency across global markets.

ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report - EMEA

Since the founding of the World Wide Web, the amount of time people spend engaging on digital channels has grown at a breathtaking rate. And ON24 has been present for almost the entire journey since..

Coming This Summer: Zoom Events

Zoom Events, announced yesterday, is an all-in-one platform that aims to help users build engaging and interesting virtual experiences.  You'll be able to build your own branded event hub, manage..

Aligning Branding and Marketing with Creative Automation

How to align branding and marketing to face present-day challenges in an agile way

How Humanscale achieved 300% growth in new product category after pivoting with Bynder

Discover how office furniture experts Humanscale achieved marked increase in ROI and sales after pivoting with Bynder.

Book Of The Month - Happy Sexy Millionaire

Steven Bartlett's book Happy Sexy Millionaire is MarTech Alliance's book of the month as it looks to dispell rumours about achieving happiness and success

Retro Tech: The Second Coming of Direct Mail

We all get that it's a challenge connecting with consumers. Digitally, the market is flooded with newsletters and tweets and emails and coupons and love letters and Facebook posts. So, how do you..

The State of Branding Report 2021- Key findings

Click to discover the latest trends in branding from marketers across the globe.

How To Create Human Engagement in a Digital World

B2B marketers have turned to virtual events like never before over the past months. For many, the goal for these events has been to craft authentic, human and memorable experiences that emulate what..

Customer Spotlight: How Bynder Helps Klarna Accelerate Growth with Smooth, Consistent Branding

See how the fast-growing Swedish bank, Klarna, uses Bynder to accelerate growth and measure brand consistency.

The Website Relaunch Survival Guide: Executing a Creative Redesign

One of the most exciting and striking parts of any website relaunch project is creating a new front-end site design that totally transforms the overall user experience. Content architecture, data..

What Are the Problems With Influencer Marketing, and How can AI solve them?

Automation has become insanely important, but marketers must be aware of the quality of their automation. With strategies like ABM and beyond, personalisation and detail are key. So to send out a..

10 Great Virtual Conferences You Have to See

Whether those experiences take place face-to-face, on your website or at a conference, delivering on those experiences in today’s day and age requires a virtual touch — one that’s engaging,..

Creativity and scaling content creation in the age of automation

Why is it so difficult to be creative these days? Learn how marketers are leveraging creative automation tools to regain time for creativity and storytelling.

Can Social Feature SDKs Help Boost Your App's User Engagement?

With thousands of applications developed every year, integrating social features SDKs to boost user engagement can help an app stand out from its competition. Here’s how it can do that.

Infographic: What Comes Next in the Omnichannel Experience?

Bringing you the latest consumer trends from shopping enthusiasts - what they are looking for in the retail experience, and how brands can use these insights to attract and retain this most dynamic..

What's the Difference Between Creative Ops and Design Ops Anyway?

There is a shift happening within the design culture of your organization. With the specialization of the creative and design ops roles, the structure of teams is changing, and it has significant..

Remain Competitive By Adding Social Features To Your App

There are so many options in the app market that making a difference is a challenging task. Here is why adding a social dimension to your platform can bring you on top of the competition and level up..

Introduce Intelligence to Customer Experience: An Evolution Framework for Intelligent Decisioning

Customer Experience has become the battleground for brands, with intelligent decisioning the key weapon. As consumers of all ages have embraced the digital worlds of Google, Apple, Facebook and..

Feeling Sociable? Find Out How to Improve your Customer's Social Experience

New tech is going to make branding more social than ever. So, how can you make your in-app social interaction effective, worthwhile, and usable? Well, it's all about easy, breezy, and fun..

Diversity and Inclusion in Marketing in 2021: Has anything really changed?

In 2019, FTSE 100 had more CEOs called Steve, than there were CEOs from ethnic minorities. Has anything changed since then, especially in marketing? With such a booming and changing industry, you..

What I learned from scaling from 1 to 20 webinars per quarter

This year, and last, everything went online. From dog shows, to pottery classes, to speed dating, everyone joined in on the 'Zoom Boom'.  Marketing is at the top of the leader boards for all things..

Driving your Martech Maturity - How to Achieve Journey Orchestration Excellence

The gap between customer expectation and delivery – or the experience gap – is far too common. Individual departments are often focused on their role, fixated on their own targets. But customers..

Five Key Questions to Ask Your Martech Vendor About Acquisition & Enrichment

Acquisition and enrichment strategies drive new customer growth, engage existing customers, and generate key psychographic data to fuel personalization

What Is BitClout and Should I Care?

Bitclout is a brand-new crypto platform that runs on creator popularity or ‘clout’. Fans, or just enterprising buyers, can purchase creator coins to push up their favourite creator’s coin. The..

Algorithms & Incentives: The Secret Forces of the Web

Rand Fishkin teaches you how to use Algorithms and Incentives to master SEO and have the internet bend to your will when trying to be more visible!

Content tech - The Strategy and Stack you Need to Reach a Global Audience.

But, what is Content Tech? How does it differ from other martech solutions? What’s it’s whole deal? Paula Shannon, Chief Evangelist at Lilt, is discussing all o' this in her upcoming sesh, at..

Dear Marketers and Technologists, We Need to Talk About the Shiny New Tech You've Got Your Eye On

Before you put that nice, new, shiny piece of tech on your sky-high pile, take a step back. I know the people on Twitter have been talking about it. I know it’s got a snazzy name. But ask yourself..

Using Clubhouse and More to Grow Your B2B Instagram

Growing your B2V Instagram has never been easier with the 10 hacks from Larry Kim, that use the likes of Clubhouse and more to nurture growth!

The Ingredients to Successfully Driving Omnichannel Personalisation

Learn how to drive omnichannel personalisation at scale on your site with the help of Apoorv Durga, who will be talking at our MarTech Fest DialUp!

What is the ROI of brand equity, and how does DAM serve as insurance for your brand?

Discover the three main ROIs of brand equity and learn how your company can achieve these with a digital asset management system in place.

Searching for Meaning: Alternatives to Google Offering Added Extras, from Privacy to Planting Trees.

Google have always pretty much had a monopoly in the West over our searches, whether you're looking for new top hats, or trying to figure out why that specific body part is doing that. New consumers..

Message Received: Why Conversational Text Marketing Works

How can you get the SMS click through rates up? In this customer centric world, you can't just send out a bulk message and a bunch of INVALID REQUEST INVALID REQUEST responses. You need that good..

Deepfake's Potential Impact on Content Creation

In the few short years since Deepfake technology was developed, we've had dead actors in almost every Star Wars film, and moustaches removed from at least one superhero film. The tech has come a..

Mm Whatcha Say? The Power of Social Listening

So, What is Social listening? It's all about analysing the conversations and trends happening not just with your brand, but other brands, and your industry as a whole. You can then turn this info..

Next Generation of Personalisation Technology

The next-generation of personalization is here and this report will share with you use cases and advice to help you implement this game-changing tech.

How to Go Beyond the Webinar

Build your own virtual trade show experience with webinars and impress attendees. Learn how it's done with this guide.

CGI Influencers: The (sci-fi) Future of Influencer Marketing?

Meet Miquela! She's just a normal, average Gen-Z influencer. She loves iced coffee, noodles, tiny handbags, and that feta cheese pasta from TikTok. Oh yeah, and she's a robot. But boy, she won't let..

Evaluate Best Practices with a Framework for Customer Engagement Maturity

Enterprise customer engagement strategies are hard to execute on, and involve a significant amount of people, process, and technology to get right. Marketers and brands alike are looking for guidance..

What is Social Selling and Why is it Trending?

Social selling is trending in the world of salestech. From connecting, commenting, liking, or sharing potential customers activity, sales reps can create meaningful relationships and increase their..

AntiConLX DialUp: Driving your martech maturity - How to achieve journey orchestration excellence

Come make friends with Frans - the founder of Martech Tribe, all round CX genius. In his webinar 'AntiConLXDialUp: Driving your martech maturity - How to achieve journey orchestration excellence', we..

How Digital Asset Management Helps Companies Boost their Social Media Marketing

As marketers, we're all familiar with the power of social media marketing and segmentation. Our job is to develop strategies to conquer consumers’ hearts and minds, engage with them meaningfully,..

Investment managers Schroders talk scaling creative operations across 30+ markets with Bynder

We recently caught up with Schroders’ Bozena Ellis, Senior Brand Manager, and Farzana Ali, Creative Service Manager, to get a glimpse into their experiences with Bynder. With both directly involved..

Hopin takes even more investment - what does this tell us about the events tech space?

Hopin have received the best part of half a billion dollars investment, bringing the valuation to $5 billion, what does this mean for the future of events?

A history of Brandwatch, the company acquired by Cision

With Brandwatch being acquired by Cision for a not unsubstantial amount of money, questions are being asked how Brandwatch became what they are today...

Using Data & Technology to Create a Personalised Customer Experience

At its best, CX is a smooth, omnichannel interaction between a person and a brand; personalized to deliver contextually relevant information to the right person at the right time – about the..

Tech that is transforming traditional reading

Are books being phased out and replaced with eBooks, apps, audiobooks and more, or is the humble book now a luxury item?

Investing in an SEO tool? Here's everything you need to ask

With SEO being the key element in your site’s ranking, choosing an SEO tool is a major decision for any organization. After all, a good SEO tool aids the success of your digital strategy and makes..

The Absolute Best Brand Experiences of 2020

Tune in to see the stunning creativity and exciting ways brands were collecting zero-party data in 2020.

The Absolute Best Brand Experiences of 2020: Top 5 Vertical Trends

Get ready for the absolute best brand experiences of 2021 - see which verticals had the top experiences!

How Creative Automation Tools Can Help Teams Elevate Marketing Personalization

Marketing personalization is reaching its high-water mark. See how creative automation helps teams reimagine the goals of segmentation and the role of creativity.

Who Won the Super Bowl Ad War 2021?

In the annual battle of the ads, who won the Super Bowl Ad War 2021?

The New Digital Makerspace: Why Brands are Scaling Content Creation with DAM

Can a DAM be a digital makerspace? And what can we learn from physical makerspaces to make digital marketing collaboration better? Read to find out.

Automation Isn't Threatening Creativity; It's Enabling It. Here's Why.

With many of today's creative professionals felling overburdened and under pressure, creative automation can be the helping hand your marketing team needs.

Brand Management Software for Dummies

Making sure your brand is current, clear, and consistent across all media channels has become a frantic race to keep up with ever-changing technology. The best way to “Keep Calm and Brand On” is by..

Uncaged Wisdom 2.1 on The Evolution of Loyalty Programs Within the Grocery & Supermarket Industry

In the latest episode of Uncaged Wisdom, Cheetah Digital explore the evolution of loyalty programs within the grocery and supermarket industry.

How to Map Influencer Marketing to Long-Term Sales (Hint: It's a Data Strategy)

Bowtech, an outdoor brand used influence marketing to build out its data base... with astounding results.

Where Does Influencer Marketing End and Ad Fraud Begin?

Are Instagram influencers key to authentic marketing? Or are they just another instance of using vanity metrics to profit off the advertising effort of brands?

Data-Driven Engagement for Modern Marketers

This eBook will help forward-thinking marketers develop the business case for leveraging a platform that harmonizes all customer data, from whatever touchpoint into a single source of truth where..

How to Create World-Class Creative Production Process Using Smart Templates & Automation

By using efficient and effective creative production processes you and your team can save hundreds of hours of design and creative time.

The Holy Grail for Digital Experience: A Self-Guided Customer Journey

Marketers are obsessed with the customer journey, and for good reason. The best way to deliver a next-best action requires not only understanding how an individual has interacted with your brand, but..

Could Onzoom Take on Eventbrite?

There’s no arguing there’s been a boom in Zoom. With their new event marketplace, Onzoom where does that leave Eventbrite?

How Do You Up Your Webinar Game?

Webinars have been at the centre of demand gen for years but in an era of no in person events they have become THE marketing channel. Find out how to raise your webinar design, delivery and follow up.

How Personalisation Efforts Can Help Customer Experience But Also Worsen it

Gartner kicked off our AntiConLX DialUp Series 2 with a bang as Alex brought us his brilliant live session titled: “How Personalisation Efforts Can Help Customer Experience… But Also Worsen..

What, Why, How of Digital Asset Management (DAM) Systems

The What, Why, How of Digital Asset Management (DAM) Systems

Buyer Guide: Your step by step guide to Digital Asset Management Systems



4 Virtual Events You Don't Want to Miss

There are still a handful of organisers refusing to sit still and willing to break all the rules until they have cooked up the perfect virtual event recipe. Because like it or lump it, they’re here..

Top Marketing Training Courses You Don't Want to Miss

Looking to level up your marketing game but don’t know where to turn? We’ve rounded up our top 5 marketing training courses to help your profession progression.

Why Virtual Events Might Actually be Good News for Marketers

While face-to-face contact is irreplaceable, virtual events offer a lot of advantages over traditional events, conferences, meet-ups and webinars.

A Marketers Guide: Privacy, Consent, and Personalisation in the Modern Privacy Era

With privacy protocols and data regulations lurking around every corner, the modern-day marketer has been forced to re-think the way they communicate with their customer.

Why your Social Media Strategy Still Matters this Holiday Season

With over 70% of APAC consumers planning to proceed with their holiday shopping digitally this year, optimising a successful social media strategy is vital.

Why Community Based Marketing is Making a Comeback

What is Community Based Marketing? It is the approach to drive consumer behaviour based on direct contact with people and carried out within a community.

4 Marketing Roles Every CMO Needs in Their Team in 2020

The Data Scientist, Marketing Technologist, Marketing Operations Manager and the Content Marketer. Why you need them on your team in 2020.

How to Build Growth Hacking into Your Business DNA

Transfer growth hacking from a buzzword into your business' DNA.

Chatbots: A Shiny New Toy, or Where You Should Focus Your Time and Budget?

What can chatbots offer your customer experience? Or are they just another shiny new toy for the team to play with?

Why Creativity Matters More Than Ever

During challenging times, creativity has proven time and time again to be an ingredient which keeps us afloat and allows us to thrive.

Why We're All in the Business of Trust

In 2020, as people around the world struggle with their governments, Big Tech, social media and – simply put – each other, we’re all looking for a little trust.

Suspension of Disbelief in Marketing

There is always a (healthy) suspicion that we don't always, maybe, say everything in marketing. Often the best way to make a point is not to take a real situation but take the point you are making..

Acquia Powers the Patriots through Super Sunday

Basking in the afterglow of a historic comeback by the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI, Acquia can’t help but feel a little more than proud of their home team

Go Premium or Go Home

For Stage Entertainment to evolve, it had to embrace changes to the customer experience, which used to begin in the theatre, but now starts on the web

Reachdesk Case Study - test IO

test IO needed a tool to create a scalable and streamlined DM strategy. Reachdesk has enabled test IO to add DM to their Outreach sequences so that hyper personalised sends can be made within their..

Three Ways to Break Through the Noise with Video

From the unprecedented changes wrought by COVID-19 to the high-ROI nature of organic search, here are the four major reasons why search is critical for your brand.

4 Reasons Search Is the Most Critical Issue for Your Brand This Year

From the unprecedented changes wrought by COVID-19 to the high-ROI nature of organic search, here are the four major reasons why search is critical for your brand.

Marketing Transformation Helps Schwab Drive Marketing-Qualified Leads

Marketing transformation helps Schwab Advisor Services drive marketing-qualified leads and close deals worth over $100MM+

IKEA Uses Data Intelligence to Prepare for Multi-channel Growth

Click to find out how Adverity helped IKEA create an easier and more streamlined way to collect and store data.

How Webinars Have Shifted our Perception of Value

Will we accept webinars now as priced events? Will we accept them but at a different price point? What will be the lasting impact?

The Best Marketing Virtual Events/Conferences to Attend in 2020Hopin takes even more investment - what does this tell us about the events tech space?

Wondering which virtual marketing events to attend? The LXA has saved you the effort, and put together a comprehensive list of the best virtual events in 2020!

Best Zoom Backgrounds

For all us of working at home enduring endless conference calls it’s time to add a little fun into the mix and switch up your backdrop.

Use virtual engagement to drive real-world growth

Now’s the time to get innovative and that means making the most of what virtual marketing has to offer.

Marketing Book Club: Delusions of Brandeur by Ryan Wallman

Ryan Wallman, doctor turned creative copywriter joins our host Carlos in this episode to chat about his latest book Delusions of Brandeur.

Growth Hacking is Here to Stay

Growth Hacking, once the buzz word de jour for start-ups - with companies such as Facebook, Slack, AirBnB et el having enjoyed unprecedented, exponential growth through the use of growth hacking..

Marketing Book Club: Killing Marketing by Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi

We caught up with Robert Rose to chat about his co-authored book 'Killing Marketing', the how-to guide for killing your marketing structure (as the only way to save it)

What is Influencer Marketing?

A little insight into the ever-expanding strategy of influencer marketing, and how you can go about adopting the renowned approach.

Who is Steven Bartlett?

Steven Bartlett became one of the world's most influential and renowned social and creative leaders in just six short years, but who is he?

Martech Advisor chats to Scott Brinker

Ahead of the 2017 MarTech Festival, we caught up with headline speaker Scott Brinker to get his insights on accomplishing real marketing outcomes.