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Certificate: Digital Transformation Essentials 

Designed to give you a step-by-step guide to constructing a robust digital business strategy. The course will explore diverse topics, from mastering digital transformation and adopting cutting-edge technologies to refining your value proposition and business model. 

Led by world-renowned trends and transformation expert, Tom Goodwin. The course will take you on a transformative journey, as you'll challenge conventional definitions and question your assumptions of what it truly means to digitally transform.


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NextTech Trending Stories & Resources

Watch On-demand: Transformational Thinking with Tom Goodwin

Explore transformational thinking with renowned business and tech expert Tom Goodwin in this insightful fireside chat. Gain valuable insights on growth mindset, leadership in the digital age, and..

Marketing & Sales Technology Predictions

The latest marketing, sales and technology trends for 2024, looking at data challenges faced by marketers, the growth of AI, and more. 

What is a Chief AI Officer (CAIO)?

A Chief AI Officer (CAIO) is a senior executive responsible for the overall strategy, development, and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives within an organisation. The CAIO is..


What is a Prompt Engineer?

Prompt engineering involves the process of refining the text prompt submitted by a user to generative AI models in order to achieve specific tasks.


6 AI in Marketing Books You Need to Read in 2023

It's time to learn from the people in the know. The people who have written the literal book on the topic. The people you need to turn to when the AI rabbit hole goes too deep. 

That's why we've..


What is the Future of AI in Marketing?

With such tech as AI, the whole industry and way of working will likely change. Though change is scary, it does mean unprecedented progress, efficiency, and effectiveness. It also means AI has to..


Who is Trung Phan?

Trung Phan is a prominent figure in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and business, known for his expertise in the field and his entrepreneurial spirit.


The Week in NextTech: Round-Up 10/03/23

AI Voices are Scamming the Elderly, what is ERC-4337, and more with the martech news!


Love AI? Here's the Top 10 People To Follow

AI has taken over our lives, from the phones we use to even the cars we drive! But with great power comes great responsibility. To ensure you’re up-to-date on all the AI-related news and..


A (Relatively) Brief History of AI

The idea of artificial humanity and intelligence dates back to antiquity, fascinating hundreds of societies and millions of people for thousands of years. And now we use it to create burger-flipping..

Certificate: Digital Transformation

This course takes you through every step you need to undertake, understand, design, and implement change for an ambitious future focussed company that can dominate for years to come


Rise of the Machines: Can A Business Be Run Entirely By AI?

We’ve long considered the possibility of machines taking over our lives and dominating business, but could it really happen? Will everything in your office soon be run by machines?

2023 Predictions for Martech, Salestech and Nexttech

LXA's 2023 Predictions for Martech, Salestech and Nexttech looks at some key trends across marketing and sales that we expect to play out in 2023.


Is ChatGPT the New Face of Search Engines?

The OpenAI project is probably the most talked about AI systems in the world right now. And, with the buzz around ChatGPT, it's clear that it'll change how we interact with search. What will this..

The Top 5 AI Content Tools For Speedy (and Effective) Content

A recent article published by Forbes estimates that as much as 60% of marketers believe that AI and machine learning will completely change how they create content. So, what tools can you use, you..


Is Generative AI the Future of Content?

Could you tell if an article was written by AI? Many marketers are concerned and excited by the future of content creation, from art to articles, and everything in between.


What is Direct-to-Avatar?

Cutting out the middleman, and bypassing humans completely, Direct-to-avatar might change the face of consumer business models for good.

What is The Ethereum Merge, and Should Marketers Care?

It's finally happened. The Ethereum Merge has started its first stages. But why should marketers care? 

Web3: Stats and Trends for 2022

Web3 could very well be the future of the internet. It involves a space where people operate on decentralised, almost anonymous platforms. This means moving away from the big, guiding hands of tech..


What are Creator Coins? Should I Care?

With Creator Coins, influencers will be able to craft their own type of cryptocurrency, with which they can build fan engagement. 


GameFi and Marketing: The Top 5 Play-to-Earn and NFT Games

2022 has been the year for GameFi fundraising, in fact, Metaverse and Gaming fundraising saw a huge increase from $874M in 2021, to $2.4B in 2022

Marketing Leaders Book Club: Digital Darwinism 2nd Edition by Tom Goodwin

Digital Darwinism guides its reader through the unrelenting pace of change and uncertainty we see in the industry today.

Will GPT-3 and Language Models Replace Your Content Team?

Though inferring word probabilities from context, LLMs can build an abstract understanding of natural language, which can be used for a bunch of different tasks. So will they replace your content..

3 Excellent Examples of IoT Marketing Strategies

The use of IoT in marketing is about thinking outside the box and offering services in a valuable way for the customer irl.


Who is... Tom Goodwin?

Tom Goodwin is an expert in innovation and digital transformation, developing his image as a futurist and advocate for change over many years in the industry.

How the Metaverse Could Change Your Office

How can the metaverse change the way we work? Just like the benefits it brings to the rest of society, a cohesive metaverse could help individuals work together in a shared space, and reduce..

The 3 Biggest Updates in Wearable Tech

With shipments reaching over 533M in 2021, boosted by the development of 5G, wearable tech is becoming a reality for many consumers. 

Moving From Basic to Advanced Marketing Analytics

Explore the four phases of the maturity curve that companies ascend as they build out their marketing analytics capabilities with 'Moving from Basic to Advanced Marketing Analytics' the interactive..


AI-Driven Growth Best Practice Guide

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently one of the biggest trends in marketing, with the prominence of tools like ChatGPT making its appeal more mainstream and accessible. We’ve created this..


AI With Soul: What is Human-Centred AI?

Human-centred AI is focused on creating an ethically designed algorithm, which has learnt from human input and collaboration. What does it mean for the future of customer experience?

How Will the Metaverse Revolutionise Immersive Customer Experiences?

As people spend more time in the metaverse, brands have to meet them there. What immersive experience will they create?

What Privacy Issues Will Haunt the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a complex space. So, any issues surrounding its implementation and use are bound to be equally tricky.

Your Guide to MarTech Tool Consolidation

Download this eBook to learn about the three main benefits to simplifying your tech stack and avoiding tool fatigue across your digital teams.


From Digital Transformation to Digital Evolution: Survival of the quickest

Learn why digital evolution is the key to success in the 2020s and beyond by reading From Digital Transformation to Digital Evolution: Survival of the quickest - a new report exploring digital..


No Code/ Low Code Best Practice Guide

We’ll talk about how low-code and no-code can help marketers do their jobs better and we’ll outline some considerations in terms of how low-code and no-code solutions

The Future of Data in the Metaverse

The metaverse, and Web 3.0, have an opportunity to start from scratch. How can this new industry avoid the mistakes of the past?

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations and You: The Marketer's Ultimate Guide to DAOs

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations are basically a flat-hierarchy group, that operates under a shared goal.

NFTs Coming Soon to Instagram: Zuckerberg

Instagram is set to introduce NFTs in the 'near term', according to  Mark Zuckerberg. 

Metaverse Marketing Unpacked, with Seth Godin, Steven Bartlett, Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose

There are predictions out there that the Metaverse could reach the $800B mark by 2024.

The 13 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

NFTs have created a new form of exchange. This new economy offers freedom and decentralisation for creators, artists, and even brands.

Who Do You Need to Hire For Your Metaverse Team?

Who Do You Need to Hire For Your Metaverse Team? With meta hiring 10,000 metaverse roles for the development of the metaverse. Who will companies need to hire?

The Top Five Super Bowl NFTs You Can Buy Right Now

The Super Bowl is a pretty big deal in the marketing world especially. So, what happens when you combine two of marketing's current darlings? Well, you get Super Bowl NFTs.

Metaverse and Marketing: Stats and Trends for 2023

There are predictions out there that Metaverse could reach the $800B mark by 2024, as it is already sitting at around $47B thanks to a surge of interest in 2020 when the pandemic peaked.

Is There a Place for B2B in the Metaverse?

Business is all about meeting your customers where they are, at the right time. Remember, B2C concepts and techniques are seeping into B2B. So how can the metaverse be adopted by B2B businesses?

Microsoft Acquires Activision in $68.7bn Metaverse Move

Microsoft has announced the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the publisher between Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Candy Crush. The deal is worth $68.7bn, and now becomes the company's..

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP) Based Marketing?

Natural Language Processing or NLP is a type of artificial intelligence. It basically allows for computers to interpret language like a human being, using this insight to write and respond in a..

Top 10 NFTs Created by Brands

Brands, both old and new, are creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to connect with their audience. But who's doing it best? Here's the Top 10 NFTs Created by Brands You Can Buy Right Now

What’s The Difference Between Web 1.0, Web 2.0, And Web 3.0?

You can't begin to understand Web 3.0 without looking at what came before. So, what is Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, and what will the web look like in the future?. 

What is Web 3.0 Marketing?

"Another one?!" I hear you say. "I can barely keep up with the one we've got. I haven't even got a Twitter account yet!"  Wowee. Wait until you hear about the Metaverse. 

So, what is it? Where is..


AntiConLX DialUp: Joe Pulizzi and Steven Bartlett on Web 3.0

If you caught our episode of AntiConLX DialUp with Content Kings Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, first up - you're welcome. Secondly, we have lots of things to discuss.

2022 will be an exciting time..


How Brands Are Using the Metaverse to Reinvent the Holiday Season

The holiday season is well and truly upon us.

But who even wants one of those traditional holiday seasons, with mince pies, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie? All to the soundtrack of real-life, human..


How Will 5G Technology Change Marketing?

Wow! 5G is truly amazing. Not only is it changing marketing, but it's also signalling to the BillGatesChip2000 stuck in our brains, and also causing global warming.

Wait, only the marketing thing is..


What is the AR Cloud?

"Oh, another one of these terms", I hear you say. "What about the mega-space, or the augmented funnel forest. Or even the virtual reality hybrid tornado."  Well, trust us on this one. It's pretty cool.


What is Metatech?

Meta-this, meta-that. What happened to good ol' NFTs. Ah, a simpler time.  But what is metatech, and what does it mean for the future of well, everything?


Six of the Biggest Developments in the Metaverse Space

Recently companies have been taking huge steps, both overt and covert, into creating metaverse infrastructure. And with the martech landscape ramping up, and changing rapidly, it's not impossible..


What is De-Fi, and How Can it Benefit Marketers?

As of January 2021, approximately $20.5 billion was invested in De-Fi. So, what is this term you've heard your 15-year-old nephew chatting about with his friends on Discord? Also what's a TikTok? Who..


The Potentials of AI in Marketing: Interview with Director of Marketing - Patrick Schammer

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used effectively in marketing with simple methods. For companies, AI offers great potential for optimization, especially in marketing.

What is People-based Marketing?

People-based marketing is taking a pretty personal approach. When using it, brands can customise messaging, customer experience, and deliver campaigns at just the right time. Every customer is an..

The rising of no-code or low-code as MarTech Solutions for Digital Marketers

To enable as many users as possible to use the manufacturer's programs, more and more no-code and low-code platforms are being developed. Today, they are one of the biggest martech trends of all.

NFTs and Their Role in The Creator Economy

With NFTs bringing in $2.4B in the second quarter of 2021 alone, which is not even accounting for off-chain sales, it's not looking like a passing fad. What might this mean for creators, and the..

WTF Is the Metaverse, and What Does It Mean for Marketers?

Basically, the idea behind the metaverse is to create a space similar to the internet, but more tangible, in so the fact that users can interact with the world via digital avatars. Plus, unlike the..

What Is Ethical AI and Is It Important?

There's a lot of mention of something called Ethical AI in digital marketing today, but what is it and how does it impact you?

What is Natural Language Generation, and is it the Future of Content?

Gartner estimates that by 2020, natural language generation and artificial intelligence will be a standard feature of 90 percent of modern BI platforms. So, this is where NLG comes in. 

What Is BitClout and Should I Care?

Bitclout is a brand-new crypto platform that runs on creator popularity or ‘clout’. Fans, or just enterprising buyers, can purchase creator coins to push up their favourite creator’s coin. The..

WTF NFT - The Top 10 NFTs You Can Buy Right Now

It's only been a couple of weeks since the world went NFT-mad, putting bids on that random meme that lives in the recesses of your 15-year-old mind, or buying artwork that can never actually be hung..
Tom Goodwin cut out

Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin is a leading voice in the global marketing landscape, earning the prestigious title of top voice on LinkedIn for four consecutive years. As the co-founder of All We Have Is Now, a dynamic business transformation agency, he has attracted an impressive clientele including GSK, Bayer, Huawei, eBay, and Alibaba.

Tom's expertise lies in advising Fortune 500 companies on digital transformation strategies across various sectors. His insights and guidance are highly sought after by organisations navigating the ever-changing digital landscape.  In addition to his business strategy accomplishments, Tom is a celebrated author. His book, 'Digital Darwinism', has received best-seller status, providing insights into the fast-paced world of digital business. He has also been widely recognised for his expertise, with over 600 published articles in esteemed titles such as Digiday, Adweek, The Guardian, Wired, GQ, and more.

Learn from the man himself in his Certificate: Digital Transformation Essentials course. 


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