Watch On-Demand: Transformational Thinking with Tom Goodwin

This enlightening fireside chat featuring Tom Goodwin, a renowned business and tech expert, alongside our CEO, Carlos Doughty delved into strategies for fostering transformational thinking, allowing viewers to gain a fresh perspective on the ever-evolving business and technology landscape. 

Tom is famous for his unique ability to cut through the noise and nonsense. He is the perfect antidote to overhyped tech trends, helping reframe the framed, and spot where and how you can drive real meaningful business impact. 

The hour-long session promised an insightful discussion covering:
  • Mechanics of a growth mindset
  • Leadership in the digital age
  • Effective change management
  • Opening new perspectives

Who is Tom Goodwin?

Tom Goodwin is the co-founder of All We Have is Now, an insurgent business transformation agency. With an esteemed client base including the likes of Adobe, Mastercard, LVMH, McDonald's, and Rabobank, he has advised a range of Fortune 500 companies on digital transformation across multiple sectors traversing Automotive, Healthcare, Banking, CPG, and Energy.

Having been voted top voice in marketing globally by LinkedIn 4 years in a row with over 730,000 followers, Tom is the host of The Edge for Euronews, the number one European news station, and has been a popular keynote speaker who has inspired audiences across five continents. Not only that, he is the author of Digital Darwinism, a best-selling business book, and has been published over 600 times in an array of titles including Digiday, Adweek, The Guardian, Wired, GQ, Forbes, and is a special writer for the World Economic Forum.