No Code/ Low Code Best Practice Guide


The what, why and how of no code/ low code

At LXA, we identify, analyse and evaluate the trends that have the potential to impact marketers and their careers. Exponential technological change, new customer journeys and increasing evolution of business models are trends that make the future increasingly difficult to predict. This presents a challenge to marketers who want to keep their skills up to date and organisations who need to continually innovate.

One of the trends we’ve been tracking at LXA is the growth of no-code and low-code development. It’s been gaining traction in recent years and holds potential for marketers to extend their skills to navigate technological change and work more proficiently with marketing technology. That’s because now more than ever, marketers hear about the importance of being fluent in technology to have successful careers. This includes an element of programming to be able to get marketing technology tools to work synchronously.


We’ve created this report, especially for marketers to introduce them to the concepts of no code and low code. By reading this report, marketers will learn:

  • how no code and low code can help marketers to become what we call ‘marketing makers’
  • how no code programming skills will empower marketers to create automated workflows and build tools to help them to do their job better
  • how marketers might already be using some of these tools
  • how no code and low code solutions can be deployed within an organisation that already has its own internal development capabilities