The Martech Report 22/23

Martech is more important than ever, and despite a more challenging economic situation in 2022, martech budgets are continuing to grow. The global market for Martech and Salestech is estimated to be worth $508.9bn.

As our latest State of Martech report finds organisations face a number of challenges around marketing technology. The biggest one is finding the skills and talent needed to drive martech initiatives.


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What Is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is above all a customer-centric approach. It is dialogue-driven, easy, and accessible. So, it's no surprise that it's become the go-to strategy for driving customer..

What is the Recession Playbook for Marketing Leaders?

Gartner uncovers 9 actions marketing leaders can take to win through recession 

Who is... Tom Goodwin?

Tom Goodwin is an expert in innovation and digital transformation, developing his image as a futurist and advocate for change over many years in the industry.

5 Steps to Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment

 Sales and marketing teams being aligned can be vital for company success. So how do you achieve this? Read the five steps for achieving sales and marketing alignment, here!

How the Metaverse Could Change Your Office

How can the metaverse change the way we work? Just like the benefits it brings to the rest of society, a cohesive metaverse could help individuals work together in a shared space, and reduce..

Q&A: Meet...AntiConLX Global Speaker Jimi Daodu

Jimi Daodu from Vault Hill is speaking at AntiConLX Global on all things marketing in Web3. Read his interview, here. 

Q&A: Meet...AntiConLX Global Speaker Michela Cocco

We chatted to Michela Cocco from Nestlé Nespresso ahead of her session to get her tips, tricks and insights:


6 Benefits of Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing should be BFFs. Unfortunately, misalignment is extremely common. So how do you ensure sales and marketing alignment, and what are the benefits?

Q&A: Meet...AntiConLX Global Speaker Sean Donnelly

Read our Q&A with AntiConLX speaker Sean Donnelly, Head of Product at LXA!

Q&A: Meet...AntiConLX Global Speaker Sam Choi

Read our Q&A with AntiConLX speaker Sam Choi! Sam is a passionate RevOps professional and is a big name in the turbulent world of early-stage B2B SaaS start-ups. 

Q&A: Meet...AntiConLX Global Speaker Natalie Drucker

Natalie brings a particularly unique insight into ethical marketing in the digital age. Read our interview with her, here!

Q&A: Meet...AntiConLX Global Speaker Nora Zukauskaite

Nora’s experience has been very diverse from blue chip heritage brands such as Unilever Pond’s and Dove to fast-paced high growth start-ups such as Veleza

Who is Scott Brinker?

Scott Brinker is a leading figure in the Martech space, co-founder of Ion Interactive, current VP Platforms Eco-systems at Hubspot and bestselling author

How to Stop Your Marketers From Leaving Their Jobs

Although the majority of marketers are very likely to stay within the industry for the next five years, many are planning to leave their current jobs.

The Top 10 SalesTech Influencers to Follow Right Now

We've got established names, we've got new names, all with one thing in common: they're mad for Salestech. 

What Is A Chief Experience Officer (CXO)?

Customer service is considered a priority for many companies. But who's responsible?


Why Events Should Always be Learning Experiences

Forums and events have long been a staple of the industry. But how can they be used to upgrade the skills of your team? How can you inspire two-way communication?

Who is Christine Bailey?

Yes, we're talking about  the  Christine Bailey - a multi-hyphenate of CMO, author, Tedx Speaker, and general badass.

What is a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?

Back in 2008, there were probably no more than about a dozen CDOs worldwide. By 2010, that number had quadrupled.

The History of LXA (Formally Known as MarTech Alliance) Sarah O'Neill | 7 April, 2022

How it started....how it's going...


Book Of The Month - Thinking, Fast and Slow

Book Of The Month - Thinking, Fast and Slow

What is a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)?

A chief technology officer, or CTO, is an executive-level position in a company whose job is focused on the scientific and technological issues within that organisation.

Top Five Growth Hacking Tips for Start-ups

Growth hacking is, actually, a term used for any strategy focused on growth, especially in regards to early-stage start-ups. This is usually who needs to see a large amount of growth, in a small..

What Does Industry 5.0 Mean For Marketing?

Industry 5.0 is a new production model which focuses on the cooperation between humans and machines. It stands for the recognition that technological advances and human insight and creativity are..

What is Lead Gen Technology?

A good lead generation tool provides an efficient and effective solution to increase your customer base and maximise sales. These tools will preferably integrate with existing marketing or CRM..

Top Five NFTs by Women You Can Buy This International Women's Day

NFTs and cryptocurrencies can offer new opportunities to invest, making finance decentralised and accessible to people from different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles. So why is it still a boy's..

What is a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)?

A CMO is a C-Level corporate executive responsible for creating, communicating, and delivering offerings within in a business. What are the CMOs Roles and Responsibilities? What Will the CMO Look..

Is CX a Differentiator? Your Customer Experience FAQs Answered

Customer experience is a totality of cognitive, affective, sensory, and behavioural consumer responses during all stages of the consumption process including pre-purchase, consumption, and..

The Top Emerging Martech Roles of 2022

With martech usage and dependence growing year after year, ownership of tools and platforms is more important than ever. Who's buying your tech? Who's looking after your tech?

What is a Chief Information Officer (CIO)?

What are the day to day responsibilities of a CIO? What are their goals and aims? Who does a CIO report to, and how can they be successful? All these questions, and more, will be answered

Who is Jay Baer?

Jay is a 7th generation entrepreneur, author of six books, and founder of five multi-million dollar companies.

MOPs vs Marketing Technologists - What's the Difference?

61% of CMOs agree that marketing technology is at the heart of marketing strategy, and is critical to meeting customer expectations. So, who's responsible for all this potential success? We look into..

2022's 10 Most In Demand Skills for Technology and Marketing

Upwork the world's work marketplace, has announced the 10 most in-demand skills for technology, marketing, and customer service independent talent on Upwork in 2022.

MarTech Alliance's Top 10 Interviews from 2021

It's been a massive year for us, and the martech industry in general. We've had our finger on the pulse with all the best names and events, and have been lucky enough to talk to some real big..

How Martech Will Affect Your Future People and Strategic Needs

Whether you are a brand, an agency or a tech vendor, you’ll already know that martech spend is on the increase. The rapid behavioural change in consumerism over the past few years has..

AntiConLX DialUp: Steven Bartlett on the Talent War

When quizzed on the advice he wish he'd gotten as a young entrepreneur, at this week's AntiConLX DialUp, Steven Bartlett the 28-year-old founder of Social Chain, didn't go overboard.

Who Were Steven Bartlett's Favourite Guests on Diary of a CEO?

Steven Bartlett's Diary of a CEO podcast has been incredibly successful, with more than 5m downloads since it was launched. 

Guests include a mixture of celebrities and business leaders, with Grace..

Is Your Mindset Holding Your MarTech Potential Back?

Working closely with marketing and sales teams, one of the comments I hear most regularly is "Why doesn't our marketing technology ecosystem and output look like the platform demo we saw?"


Improve Your Company’s Employee Education With Webinars

Webinars provide information to investors, prospects and customers, but they're also excellent tools for employee education. And, best yet, they can do so in a fun, entertaining and well-designed..

Who Manages Martech? IT or Marketing?

The selection and operation of sometimes complex marketing technology raises a lot of questions around management and responsibility. 

Q&A: Scott Brinker on Martech Growth, 2022 Trends and Challenges

During our research for the recent Martech Report 2021/22, we had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Brinker. We talked about recent trends in the Martech industry, the effects of the pandemic (of..

The Martech Skills Gap in 2021: Stats and Trends

If we think about martech maturity vs marketer tech skills maturity, you have to imagine it like this: one is wearing chinos in a wine bar, talking about taxes. The other is kicking the stuffing out..

Q&A: Lynne Capozzi CMO Acquia

We spoke to Lynne Capozzi, Chief Marketing Officer at Digital Experience Platform Acquia, about some of the trends from the company's recent CX report, the benefits of DXPs, and recent martech trends..

Why CMOs Need to Close Campaign Gaps

CMOs are reliant on marketing operations and campaign teams to deliver solid campaign results.

Q&A: Kunal Jogia

Meet Kunal! UK Lead and Senior Enterprise Account Executive for Relay42, Kunal is a customer journey powerhouse. 

What is a Chief Growth Officer?

A chief growth officer CGO is responsible for managing a company's growth, whether measured in terms of revenue or metrics like employee engagement. A CGO's role is to to collaborate, measure, and..

Interview - Marketing Book Club - 'Alchemy' - Rory Sutherland

This discussion looks at peoples behaviour right now and what is going to be permeant and what is temporary. 


Marketing apocalypse. How to build future-ready Marketing Services Centres of Excellence

An unprecedented number of unexpected circumstances have occurred. A perfect storm has completely changed the way companies operate in just a few months. 


Why Diversity Shouldn't Be A Buzzword or KPI

Why Diversity shouldn't be a buzzword or a KPI. The importance of diversity in the industry and how the industry can progress. 


Diversity and Inclusion in Marketing in 2021: Has anything really changed?

An inclusion marketing event; a 4 people conversation. An insight into diversity in the marketing industry.


Interview - Marketing Book Club - 'Indistractable' - Nir Eyal

This interview discusses the book Indistractable and how to stay focus in the pandemic and non-pandemic time. It looks at the main distractions and how to focus away from them.


Q&A: Wyatt Bales

Meet Wyatt! With over a decade of martech experience under his belt, he's got industry knowledge in bales. 

In fact, he started Uber's B2B CRM practise, growing the brand into the global monolith it..

Q&A: Moni Oloyede

Meet Moni Oloyede. Director of Marketing Infrastructure at Fidelis Cybersecurity, she's got quite the skillset.

Meet ON24: Michael Mercer

Meet Michael Mercer, one of ON24's Account Executives based out of London! Having just joined ON24 last year, Michael has played an instrumental role in the success of the EMEA Commercial team...

Q&A: Tim Bond

Meet Bond, Tim Bond. He might not have a license to kill, but he does have a license to deliver tactical insight projects across a range of sectors.

Q&A: Doug Kessler

Meet Bond, Tim Bond. He might not have a license to kill, but he does have a license to deliver tactical insight projects across a range of sectors. Which I think is just as good. 

The Potentials of AI in Marketing: Interview with Director of Marketing - Patrick Schammer

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used effectively in marketing with simple methods. For companies, AI offers great potential for optimization, especially in marketing.

Q&A: Chris Wickson from Integrate

Meet Chris Wickson. General Manager for EMEA and Event Solutions at Integrate, he's a pretty big deal. He joined Integrate following the acquisition of Akkroo, where he was CEO and Co-Founder.

Who is Darrell Alfonso?

Darrell Alfonso. He's one of the faces of marketing technology and he's a name you probably already know if you're on a website called MarTech Alliance. But how? What has Darrell done to get to where..

What Is Digital Transformation, and Where Does Martech Fit In?

I'll look at what digital transformation is, why it's necessary, and the part played by martech in an effective transformation strategy.

Who is Grace Beverley?

Who is Grace Beverley, otherwise known as GraceFitUK? The social media influencer and founder of the direct-to-consumer fitness brands TALA and Shreddy is making headlines!

Every C-Level Job and What They Do

There are a silly amount of C-level executive jobs in the world of business (CEO, CMO, COO, etc) that it's hard to know who does what. Here's your definitive list!

Q&A: Joana de Quintanilha

Meet Joana De Quintanilha! VIP and VP/Principle Analyst at Forrester, Joana's areas of expertise span digital customer experience, customer experience index research, Agile methods, and more!

Q&A: Thanassis Thomopoulos

We speak to Thanassis Thomopoulos, Head of Global Marketing & Commercial Analytics for Ebay Classifieds Group, ahead of his talk at the upcoming AntiConLX DialUp conference.

Who is Carlos Doughty?

This is a page about Carlos Doughty founder of the MarTech Alliance, the contents of which were definitely not influenced by Carlos Doughty and written by the MarTech Alliance editorial team of their..

What CMOs Must Consider When Relaunching Their Brand Websites

At the end of the day, relaunching a website is the opportunity for any CMO to make their mark, instead of following what every other company is doing. When the world of digital changes on a..

Who is Seth Godin?

Seth Godin is a leading figure in the Marketing space, starting up two businesses, writing 19 bestsellers as well as a much renowned blog... oh and recent member of our Marketing Book Club with his..

Q&A: Carey Straetz

Meet Carey Straetz! The Director of Growth of Payroll, she is an expert in all things digital and content. And I'm content with listening to her talk marketing all day, heh heh. Sorry, bad pun...

Q&A: Kimmah Shah

Meet Kimmah Shah! She's the Head of Digital & Demand Generation at Actian, and all round marketing genius. From Digital Strategy & Transformation to Data-Driven Storytelling, she knows it all. A..

Q&A: Paula Shannon

Meet Paula Shannon! The founder and principal of Salosophy, Paula has over 30 years of international sales and executive leadership experience! In the three years she has been at Lilt, she has..

Q&A: Jacki Leahy

Meet Jacki Leahy! The Over-Caffeinated Salesforce Magician herself. From outbound prospecting, to salesforce usability, to lightning configuration, Jacki knows it all. Now a Salesforce Consultant at..

Celebrating Women in Martech - Year-round!

What is the experience of women in Martech? We here at MarTech Alliance are dedicating ourselves to celebrating the brilliant women in our industry, 365 days instead of just one. Keep checking back,..

Q&A: Andy Caron from Revenue Pulse

Andy Caron is Marketo Mad. Revenue Pulse's Head of Martech Consulting has been deeply ingrained in the Marketo community since 2012, and has been at the forefront of its evolution! From marketing, to..

Q&A: Annette Ochoa from Lilt

Annette Ochoa, Head of Demand Generation, Lilt. Marketing, Events, Enterprise. Annette is multi-faceted! She's not just a marketing expert, though. Her degree from Santa Clara University, with a..

Q&A: Brooke Bartos from Walker Sands Communications

Brooke Bartos is the Senior Manager for Marketing Operations at Walker Sands Communications, is a 4x Marketo Champion, a Fearless 50 Marketer, AND part of the 25 Women to Watch in Marketing Ops...

Q&A: Elsa Coleaux from Treatwell

Elsa Coleaux, Marketing Technology Lead at Treatwell, and all round martech master. She speaks four languages; German, English, Spanish and French, so she can rock it in pretty much half of Europe...

Q&A: Emily Ann Kolvitz from Bynder

Emily Ann Kolvitz, Content Manager, is head of content strategy at Bynder! In the past she has also worked as a digital asset manager for JCPenny and, in a very Indiana Jones twist, as a project..

Q&A: Flavilla Fongang from 3 Colours Rule

Flavilla Fongang is a brand strategist, author, international keynote speaker, and founder of TLA. Oh, AND CEO of 3 Colours Rule! She's the ultimate multi-multi-hyphenate. Described as having an..

Q&A: Jessica Kao from Digital Pi

Jessica Kao is the Director of Client Strategy at Digital Pi, an Adobe Fearless 50 Marketer, a Marketo Champion of the Year, a Marketo User Group Leader of the Year, AND a 6X Marketo Champion. And..

Q&A: Laura Merten from Capita

Laura Merten is Capita's Head of Marketing Technology, with 10+ of amazing experience. CRM, UX, IDM, CDP, B2B, IPASS, BI, GDPR...Laura is an acronym aficionado. Rising to Head of Marketing Tech at..

Q&A: Lauren Patrick from Curricula

VP of Marketing at Curricula, Lauren Patrick is up next! Emerging from the writing pathway (one of us, one of us) Lauren is a top-tier storyteller. She took a shift into the digital marketing world..

Q&A: Nikki Raber from Integrate

Nikki Raber is the Sr. Demand Generation Manager @ Integrate, and a rising star in the marketing world. From Media Buying, to Digital Strategy, to Digital Marketing, Nikki has done it all. She's..

Q&A: Stephanie Hanson from OneTrust

Stephanie Hanson is OneTrust's Offering Manager, and an all-round tech expert. From product development, client service, to sales engineering experience, Steph's got it covered. And with a degree..

About Paco: The Martech Mad Pug

Paco is a Marketing heavyweight (although that might just be the solid gold chain round his neck). He's not about that old-fashioned marketing stuff, though. It's all about the simple life with Paco...

Q&A: Meet the Women Changing the Martech Industry Part 2!

Martech Alliance are taking the opportunity to celebrate Women's History Month. Streamers? Check. Bunting? Check. A bunch of VIP guests ready to answer questions way below their pay grades? Check...

Meet the Women of LXA 2021

Meet the women of MarTech Alliance; Ellen, Holly, Nicole, and Sarah!

Q&A: Adriana Jones Lima from OneTrust

Public Relations Offering Manager at OneTrust, Adriana Jones Lima is a PR, training, and events extraordinaire. As Project Manager for MEDA’s Annual Gala, she helped raise over $250,000, and over..

Q&A: Amandine Boitel Servain from Cheetah Digital

Amandine Boitel Servain is Vice President, Global Demand Generation, at Cheetah Digital, and lives life in the fast lane (terrible cheetah pun, sorry). Her specialities include Marketing strategy and..

Q&A: Andrea Clatworthy from Fujitsu

Andrea Clatworthy is the Global Head of Account Based Marketing at Fujitsu, and is a black belt in improving business results, M&A internal and external comms and culture and change management. In..

Q&A: Ashley Langford from Integrate

Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Integrate, and Marketing ops specialist, Ashley Langford is a B2B and SaaS expert. A Marketo Revvie Award Finalist and Marketo Champion, Ash has the trophies to..

Q&A: Christina Zuniga from Databricks

Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Databricks and a Fearless 50 Marketer, Christina Zuniga is well, fearless. As a graduate of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, she has recently..

Q&A: Courtney Tobe from AvidXchange

Courtney Tobe Manager of Marketing Ops at AvidXchange and implementation genius, has plenty of tools under her belt. Court also volunteers for Wear Your Crown Inc. a non profit focused on creating a..

Q&A: Meet the Women Changing the Martech Industry

With International Women's Day on our doorsteps, we here at Martech Alliance are taking the opportunity to celebrate. Our industry is filled to the brim with talented women, taking charge and taking..

Q&A: Moni Oloyede from Fidelis Cybersecurity and DC Marketing Tech Talks

2020 Marketo Champion. Marketing Operations Expert. Co- Organizer at DC Marketing Tech Talks. Moni Oloyede makes more than money. From graduating with a masters from John Hopkins University, she has..

Q&A: Paula Shannon from Lilt

Paula Shannon is the Chief Evangelist at Lilt, and previously the CSO and SVP at Lionbridge. Working with artificial intelligence-powered enterprise translation technology and services, she’s..

Q&A: Regan Hamilton from Integrate

Digital Marketing Manager at Integrate, Regan Hamilton is a boss in Boston. Sorry, that was terrible. With a proven track record of exceeding client KPIs and stakeholder expectations, and managing..

Q&A: Sharon Winterton from Catalina USA

Vice President of Customer Success at Catalina USA, Sharon Winterton is a sales op and CX icon. With an MBA in Business Administration and Management from Phoenix, AND a BS/BA in Elementary..

Q&A: Tabitha Adams from Integrate

Tabitha Adams (BA, MBA, VIP, HRH) is the Senior Demand Marketing Manager at Integrate, and a Board Member / Head of MarTech & Community Management at The Growth Ops Community. A demand generation and..

Q&A: Veronica Lazarovici from Alma

Marketo Champion & Certified Expert Veronica Lazarovici is just that – a certified expert (and legend)! Currently living and working in Palma, Balearic Islands Spain, V is an automation and..

Women in Martech: Building Support, Promoting STEM, and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

What is the experience of women in Martech? Can it be improved through Building Support systems, Promoting STEM, and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome? Studies have shown that women hold less tech..

A Day in the Life of Nick Epstein

Take a peek at a day in the life of Nick Epstein, Lead Marketing Technology Consultant at Blended Digital.

A Day in the Life of Flavilla Fongang

Take a peek at a day in the life of Flavilla Fongang, serial entrepreneur and the founder of 3 Colours Rule and Tech London Advocates for Black Women in Tech.

A Day in the Life of Neil Stoneman

Take a peek at a day in the life of Neil Stoneman, Content Performance Director at Velocity Partners.

A Day in the Life of Anita Brearton

Take a peek at a day in the life of Anita Brearton, CEO/Founder of marketing technology management platform, CabinetM.

A Day in the Life of Azeem Ahmad

Take a peek at a day in the life of Azeem Ahmad, Digital Marketing Manager at Staffordshire University.

A Day in the Life of Tim Bond

Take a peek at a day in the life of Tim Bond, Head of Insight at the Data & Marketing Association (DMA).

Top Marketers to Follow

Follow, friend, share, like, love re-tweet to your heart’s desire while you feast your brain on gold standard insights from the top marketers in the game.

5 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Week: Paco Takeover

Paco is hittin' up a MarTech Alliance takeover. Here are his top 5 ways to celebrate National Dog Week.

Martech Diversity Scholarship

Following the recent #BlackLivesMatter movement, we at MarTech Alliance have launched our Martech Diversity Scholarship.

Q&A: Eric Fulwiler

We steal a few moments of industry expert, Eric Fulwiler's time as he talks us through a day in the life of Eric and he shares some nuggets of wisdom along the way.

Q&A: Alex Olley from Reachdesk

So who are the vendors that make up the UK Marketing and Technology Landscape? We caught up with Alex Olley, Co-founder of Reachdesk to find out what makes them tick.

Q&A: James Henderson from Zephr

So who are the vendors that make up the UK Marketing and Technology Landscape? We caught up with James Henderson, CEO of Zephr to find out what makes them tick.

Q&A: James Isilay from Cognism

So who are the vendors that make up the UK Marketing and Technology Landscape? We caught up with James Isilay, CEO of Cognism to find out what makes them tick.

Q&A: Peter Irikovsky from Exponea

So who are the vendors that make up the UK Marketing and Technology Landscape? We caught up with Peter Irikovsky, CEO of Exponea to find out what makes them tick.

A Day in the Life - Vicki Scheele

Vicki Sheele leads the Commercial marketing function for EMEA North at Adobe. We caught up with Vicki to learn more about her typical working day.

A Day in the Life - John Watton

Meet John Watton, VP EMEA Marketing for Yext, the Search Experience Cloud company. We caught up with John to learn more about his typical working day.

AntiConLX DialUp - Andrea Fryrear

It's time to get to know the AntiConLX DialUp speakers. Starting with Andrea Fryrear, Top 50 B2B marketing influencers / Agile marketing leader / Cofounder.

AntiConLX DialUp - Jaime Lopez

It's time to get to know the AntiConLX DialUp speakers. Starting with Jaime Lopez, B2B marketing revolutionary & GM, Marketing Ops at Wartsila.

AntiConLX DialUp - Malcolm Auld

It's time to get to know the AntiConLX DialUp speakers. Starting with Malcolm Auld, CEO & Founder of The Content Brewery.

AntiConLX DialUp - Marc Geffen

It's time to get to know the AntiConLX DialUp speakers. Starting with Marc Geffen, VP Research & Strategy at Pulsar.

4 Common Myths Debunked about MarTech Roles

There seems to be a common misconception about the skills and capabilities of martech pros. So I came up with a few mythbusters of my own...

Who is Paco the Pug?

You've seen him in on our website, on socials and on our emails but we think it's time for you to meet Paco the Pug

The Best Marketing Events & Business Conferences for 2020: APAC Edition

Planning on attending a marketing event in the APAC region? The LXA has saved you the effort, and put together a comprehensive list of the all of the best events in 2020!

Women's History Month - Dr Christine Bailey

Meet Dr. Christine Bailey, Managing Director, SMB UK & Ireland | CMO at Valitor.

Women's History Month - Amy McManus

Meet Amy McManus, CEO/Founder of AM Marketing a full-service marketing agency based in the UK. Amy is a UK Women of the Future finalist, freeman of the London Guild of Entrepreneurs, an Associate..

Women's History Month - Amy Rodgers

Meet Amy Rodgers, Managing Editor, Research & Rankings at WARC. WARC's mission is to the save the world from ineffective marketing. They do this by providing the latest evidence, expertise and..

Women's History Month - Anita Brearton

Meet Anita Brearton, Founder/CEO of CabinetM. CabinetM help modern marketing teams manage the technology they have and find the tools they need.

Women's History Month - Holly Chen

Meet Holly Chen, Growth Advisor. She advises early and growth stage B2B and B2C companies to unlock and scale growth opportunities. Holly also serve as interim Head of Marketing or Head of Growth for..

Women's History Month - Sinem Soydar Ganal

Meet Sinem Soydar Gßnal, Global Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Vodafone. She's a digital strategist with 17 years of digital transformation, marketing, communication, channel management and..

Women's History Month - Julie Alexander

Meet Julie Alexander, Head of Marketing at Relay42. Relay42’s platform for Intelligent Journey Orchestration empowers businesses to create meaningful customer relationships by utilizing smart..

Meet the women of LXA

This International Women's Day, I'd like to take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the badass women of the LXA team. (Full disclosure, one of those women is yours truly.)

The Best Marketing Events & Business Conferences for 2020

Planning on attending a marketing event in 2020? Not sure what to pick? The LXA has saved you the effort, and put together a comprehensive list of the best events in 2020!

Do today's CMOs need tech skills?

Data breaches, a poorly managed social media storm, spam, lack of GDPR compliance, poor content or code governance can seriously damage a brand - the very thing a CMO is the custodian of.

Who is Aaron Ross?

Who is Aaron Ross, the man behind various best-selling sales and marketing books and the CEO and founder of Predictable Revenue?

Marketing Book Club: Would You Do That To Your Mother? by Jeanne Bliss

We caught up with Jeanne Bliss to chat about her inspiring book 'Would You Do That To Your Mother' where we learned more about doing right by your customer and deliveirng a truly positive customer..

Marketing Book Club: Geek Girl Rising by Heather Cabot

We caught up with Heather Cabot to chat about her inspiring book 'Geek Girl Rising' and the amazing sisterhood shaking up the tech world.

Who is Vala Afshar?

Vala Afshar is an author and award-winning inventor of social technologies and customer services operations..he is the Digital Evangelist for Salesforce and boasts a considerable following on Twitter..

Q&A: Craig Hanna from Cohesion

So who are the vendors that make up the UK Marketing and Technology Landscape? We caught up with Craig Hanna, CEO of Cohesion to find out what makes them tick.

Q&A: Nick Mason from Turtl

So who are the vendors that make up the UK Marketing and Technology Landscape? We caught up with Nick Mason, CEO and Founder at Turtl to find out what makes them tick.

Q&A: Parry Malm from Phrasee

So who are the vendors that make up the UK Marketing and Technology Landscape? We caught up with Parry Malm, CEO at Phrasee to find out what makes them tick.

What is a Marketing Technologist?

If you've heard the term marketing technologist thrown around recently, then you aren't alone! Here we describe what the role of the marketing technologist actually entails, and how it is..

Who is Steven Bartlett?

Steven Bartlett became one of the world's most influential and renowned social and creative leaders in just six short years, but who is he?

Marketing & Technology World Cup Dream Team

Some will argue we did it to jump on the bandwagon, others will say "hey these guys just wanted an excuse to watch football in work hours". They are both correct. Here's our pick for the World Cup..

Who is Roland Smart?

Roland Smart is a leading figure in the Agile Marketing space, startup entrepreneur and VP at the Oracle corporate marketing group...oh and recent member of our Marketing Book Club who stopped to..

Who is Jeanne Bliss?

Jeanne Bliss is the leading voice in the CX space, pioneering the role of Customer Experience Officer - a published author, founder, thought leader, founder president..oh and the latest guest to join..

Who is Heather Cabot?

Heather Cabot is an advocate for women in tech, startup entrepreneur and investor and advisor...oh and recent member of our Marketing Book Club with her ground breaking book, Geek Girl Rising

Who is Gary Vaynerchuk?

Gary Vaynerchuk is a leading figure in the entrepreneurial and social media marketing space, starting up three businesses, hosting his own Gary Vee podcast and writing a total of 9 groundbreaking..

Who Is Richard Branson?

Richard Branson is an entrepreneur and bestselling author..his Virgin Group is now worth $19.5 billion and Richard himself ranks as the eighth richest person in Britain...oh and he's the recent..

Who is Neil Patel?

Neil Patel is an author and entrepreneur of three digital organisations..he also co-hosts the popular 'Marketing School' podcast alongside Eric Siu as well as authors his blog for marketing..check..

Who is Scott Brinker?

Scott Brinker is a leading figure in the Martech space, co-founder of Ion Interactive, current VP Platforms Eco-systems at Hubspot and bestselling author

Who is Chris J Snook?

Chris J Snook is a leading figure in the digital space, co-founder of multiple businesses including the World Tokenomic Forum, keynote speaker, bestselling author...oh and recent member of our..

Who is David Raab?

David Raab is an independent consultant specialising in martech as well as the founder of the Consumer Data Platform Institute.. he is also the author of literally thousands of articles related to..

Who is Tom Fishburne?

Tom Fishburne is a leading figure in the Content Marketing space, launching Marketoonist to introduce a new method of communicating with the customers through his 'marketoons'...oh and recent member..

Who is Emily Chang?

Emily Chang is an author and TV anchor for numerous renowned networks from CNN to Bloomberg..she has interviewed some key tech entrpreneurs and has campaigned for startups around the industry..oh she..

Who is Simon Sinek?

Simon Sinek is an optimist, founder and bestselling author..his WHY concept not only gave him a global bestseller but made him a strong leader in the entrepreneurial space...oh and he's the recent..

Who is Tom Goodwin?

Tom Goodwin is a leading figure in the Digital Transformation space, speaker, consultant and EVP Head of Innovation at Zenith Media...oh and a new member of our Marketing Book Club with his ground..

Who is Travis Wright?

Travis Wright is a leading figure in the digital space, vice-chairman for the World Tokenomic Forum, advisor for a multitude of companies across the industry, podcast host...oh and recent member of..

Who is Eric Ries?

Eric Ries is a leading figure in the marketing and entrepreneurial space, founder of the renowned Lean Startup approach and bestselling author...oh and recent member of our Marketing Book Club with..

Who is Bernadette Jiwa?

Bernadette Jiwa is a brand strategist and brand storyteller, founder of the Story of Telling and the Right Company ...oh and recent member of our Marketing Book Club with her most recent book, Story..

Who is Rand Fishkin?

Rand Fishkin is a leading figure in the marketing and startup space, founder of four businesses, bestselling author, avid blogger...oh and recent member of our Marketing Book Club with his most..

Who is Scott Galloway?

Scott Galloway is a leading figure in the tech and marketing space, public speaker, clinical professor of marketing at New York University Stern School of Business, bestselling author...oh and recent..

Who is Tamara McCleary?

Tamara McCleary is a leading figure in the tech and futurist space, CEO for Thulium, brand expert and technology futurist for her own website TamaraMcCleary.com and creator of the RelationShift method

Who is Robert Rose?

Robert Rose is a leading figure in the Content Marketing space, founder of the Content Advisory and Chief Strategy Advisor for the Content Marketing Institute, bestselling author...oh and recent..

Who is Tim Hughes?

Tim Hughes is a leading figure in the marketing and social selling space, co-founder of Digital Leadership Associates, keynote speaker, bestselling author...oh and recent member of our Marketing Book..