AntiConLX Global 2022 - Connected CX: Defining the new customer era with data, technology, & empowerment

digital transformation course with tom goodwin

Consumer habits and preferences are constantly changing and for business leaders to thrive they must bridge those gaps and deliver a connected customer experience. With digital engagement increasing amongst consumers, data has to be collected and sorted in order to extrapolate meaningful insights and improve business decisions. As technology advances with even more capabilities, companies must pivot and ensure integrations such as AI/AR and quantum computing are in place. Given all the advancements in data, technology and empowerment a new customer era has emerge.
Join Treasure Data to explore how digital transformation and a multitude of other disruptions are impacting the industry. You will learn:
- Top trends in consumer purchase habits and brand loyalty
- How to become truly data-driven and better prepare for these trends
- Emerging technologies and capabilities that promise to affect the most change


Chris Thompson, Account Director, Treasure Data