The Martech Report 22/23

Martech is more important than ever, and despite a more challenging economic situation in 2022, martech budgets are continuing to grow. The global market for Martech and Salestech is estimated to be worth $508.9bn.

As our latest State of Martech report finds organisations face a number of challenges around marketing technology. The biggest one is finding the skills and talent needed to drive martech initiatives.


AntiConLX Global 2022 - Grow Your Customer Base in a Downturn with Digital Experience

anticonlx global

Using positive digital experiences to grow your customer base can be tough on the best of days. Doing it while the global economic atmosphere is, shall we say, turbulent? That requires even more finesse.
Join Tom Bianchi, Global VP Corporate Marketing at Acquia, as he discusses three steps to grow your customer base through digital experience — economic turbulence notwithstanding. You'll walk away with a better understanding of how you can keep your organization’s digital experiences in order even when the world’s a little chaotic.
After this session, you'll be able to:
  • Explain how well-developed content plays a pivotal role in customer experience
  • Understand why mindfully collected data is central to building content that’s relevant to your customers’ needs
  • Implement low-code design capabilities to empower your team to deliver stunning digital experiences at scale