AntiConLX Global 2022 - Achieving Gen Z Icon Status - Creative Sales and Marketing for Future-Forward Consumer Brands

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We live in a 21st-century attention economy, where the retail and media landscapes are becoming more crowded by the day — and brands are in a scramble to get the most eyeballs. Gen Z, our soon-to-be most powerful consumers, are getting harder to attract and retain — notoriously averse to brand loyalty and tried-and-true sales tactics. Add post-COVID economy challenges into the mix… and we’re in desperate need of new and reformed marketing strategies that stick!

In this 30-minute session, Melissa Li will be digging into how retail and media entrepreneurs can achieve icon status and brand longevity among Gen Z.

For all you retail and media founders, brand enthusiasts, and SM managers, this is the place to learn about:

The marketing psychology behind Gen Z fan favourites;
Why community and content is a powerful engine for product co-creation and distribution;
How to engineer viral moments, set up organic community flywheels, and make the buzz stick around until they sell.