Driving Agency Growth in 2024: The AI, Data, and Martech Industry Overview


Martech is now vital for marketers to understand customers and provide a competitive customer experience, but CMOs face a number of challenges around selection and implantation of martech, and a shortage of people with the blend of skills and knowledge to use tech effectively.

This is an area where agencies have been building out their offerings, enabling them to support organisations as they look to build an effective data stack, as well as implement AI.

Based on detailed surveys and numerous interviews with agencies and CMOs, this report examines the key challenges CMOs are facing, and how martech is now key to agency growth.

This report looks at:

  • Key trends in the martech landscape, from the death of the third-party cookie to the growth of AI.  
  • Investment in the martech space, and challenges faced by vendors.
  • Key challenges and opportunities around AI, data and martech.
  • Talent shortages in the industry, and how agencies can support marketing teams.
  • Agency investment in martech and AI capabilities.