Who is... Carlos Doughty?

Apart from being the illustrious founder and leader of LXA (formerly MarTech Alliance), Carlos Doughty is known by many as the Prince of MarTech (Kid you not...read more about that here).

With almost two decades of experience under his belt, Carlos can boast not only of launching this business, 100% bootstrapped - but also the annual #AntiCon event which bucks the trends of your common conference bringing together brilliant minds across martech, salestech, and adtech for one day every May and October, and the former #MarketingBookClub which had seen Carlos connect with some of the industries heaviest hitters such as Gary Vee, Scott Galloway, Scott Brinker, Robert Rose and stacks more! 

*He absolutely, by no way, definitely did not strong arm yours truly to flex up his 'Who Is' page.


Who is... Carlos Doughty?

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