Marketing & Tech Book Club: The Algebra of Happiness by Scott Galloway

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What's the equation for a life well lived?

Despite the protestation of his publisher, Scott Galloway decided to follow up his best seller about tech giants Google, Facebook Amazon and Apple with a book about happiness.

From the guy who brought you The Four comes The Algebra of Happiness and we’re pretty chuffed he chose to ignore the naysayers because the book is brilliant.  

Galloway, a professor of brand strategy and digital marketing at New York Stern School of Business initially developed the idea for The Algebra of Happiness for the final class of his course, it was then released as a 10-minute YouTube video which at the time of this writing has amassed upwards of 1.9m views.

Delivered with raw honesty The Algebra of Happiness is as much an auto-biography.

The Algebra of Happiness by Scott GallowayWhy We Loved It

It’s delivered in the true Galloway style: dry-witted, self-deprecating, pithy, honest. It’s a book that transcends marketing and tech, offering tips for living a meaningful life.

While it’s definitely delivered through the singular lens of Galloway’s own experiences and can at times feel a little one-size-fits-all The Algebra of Happiness is littered with gold nuggets of advice and insight from a man who has made mistakes and learned from them, who is supremely intelligent yet doesn’t take his luck for granted.

It’s short. It will take you a mere day or two to make it cover to cover if you try hard enough, and while we love a weighty tome in the #MarketingBookClub (here’s looking at you Branson) it’s nice to enjoy some precise prose that packs a mighty punch.

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Am I super talented, or super f@*%ing lucky?

Check out a preview of the latest episode of the Marketing & Tech Book Club with Scott Galloway:


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In this ep:

>> The dirty truth about publishing
>> Being talented vs being lucky
>> Is balance a myth in the pursuit of success?
>> Gettin' sweaty
>> Disney's subscription model 
>> Plus plenty more

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