The Martech Report 22/23

Martech is more important than ever, and despite a more challenging economic situation in 2022, martech budgets are continuing to grow. The global market for Martech and Salestech is estimated to be worth $508.9bn.

As our latest State of Martech report finds organisations face a number of challenges around marketing technology. The biggest one is finding the skills and talent needed to drive martech initiatives.


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AntiConLX DialUp Middle East

We are kicking things off with a virtual session for the Middle East community, and the launch of the region’s State of Data-Driven Marketing research, with LXA CEO and Founder, Carlos Doughty.

AntiConLX DialUp APAC with Neil Patel

Join Neil Patel and our expert panel for a deep dive into the hottest trends and insights relating to martech and marketing in the Asia Pacific region.

AntiConLX DialUp North America

Join industry experts such as Darrell Alfonso, Martin Kihn and Sara McNamara as we dive into the hottest trends and insights in martech, salestech, adtech, and digital transformation.

AntiConLX DialUp with Frans Riemersma

Watch this virtual event covering the ' Secrets to CX Success' on-demand.

AntiConLX DialUp with Aaron Ross

Watch this virtual event covering the 'The State of Sales Enablement ' and submit your questions for our guest speaker and panellists on-demand

AntiConLX DialUp 2022 with Seth Godin

Catch up on-demand. A look at some of the key trends we have seen play out in the last year and what the year ahead has in store.

AntiConLX Global is back for 2023

25th May 2023, London | Join 1000+ marketing, sales and tech professionals for the anti-conference where technology meets marketing, sales & experience


AntiConLX Global 2022 - Psychology for Tech Usage

Join speaker Katharina Wittgens, Managing Director & Business Psychologist at Innovation Bubble. She covers all things psychology for Tech Usage!

AntiConLX Global 2022 - Achieving Gen Z Icon Status - Creative Sales and Marketing for Future-Forward Consumer Brands

In this 30-minute session, Melissa Li will be digging into how retail and media entrepreneurs can achieve icon status and brand longevity among Gen Z.

AntiConLX Global 2022 - Change Management: the Missing Link in Marketing Operations

Any technology is only as good as how well it is used. Many organisations struggle with implementing new technologies or new ways of working due to a lack of user adoption, poor executive level..

AntiConLX Global 2022 - How to move from tactical testing to strategic experimentation and personalization

Real-world results show that experimentation delivers a measurable business advantage. But what makes for a great experimentation program? And where does personalization fit in? 

AntiConLX Global 2022 - Telling better digital stories with interactive content

During this session, we will be presenting the power of digital storytelling and how you can leverage this method to elevate your brand and business across your entire client journey.