MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 17/02/21

This week in MarTech: Reddit raises $250 million, ClickDimensions acquires Eletype, Reduct.Video raises $4 million and salestech provider, Skynamo acquires mSeller.

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Reddit Raises $250 Million

As the Reddit trend continues to rise up and to the right, so does their funding. The company’s recent round of financing raised $250 million.

Reddit have said that now is the right opportunity to make strategic investments in the company including video, advertising, consumer products, and expanding into international markets. They are also planning to double the number of Reddit employees this year. 

ClickDimensions Acquires Eletype

Next up, ClickDimensions, a marketing technology and services provider for Microsoft Dynamics 365, have announced the acquisition of Eletype, a marketing technology company that supports campaign performance through intelligent monitoring and collaboration.

The strategic acquisition will enable a broad array of enhancements to ClickDimensions' technology, providing intelligent monitoring based on thresholds, anomalies, and fluctuations.

Reduct.Video Raises $4 Million

In our next story of the week, video technology start-up, Reduct.Video raises $4 million to simplify video editing for businesses.

We are creating and consuming more videos now than we ever have before – and as it stands video continues to be the most consumed form of content. Where platforms such as TikTok and Netflix dominate on the consumer side, according to Reduct, video remains underutilised by businesses due to the demands of time and cost. Something that this start-up aims to simplify.

Skynamo Acquires mSeller

Our final story this week, South Africa-based salestech provider, Skynamo has acquired UK salestech provider, mSeller.

The deal comes a year after Skynamo secured $30 million in funding to accelerate the adoption of its field sales management platform worldwide. The acquisition aims to grow Skynamo’s market share in the UK and enhance order management functionality for field sales teams. 

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