Coca-cola global CMO primary learning objective: Martech and AI upskilling


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The Cannes Lions Festival for Creativity yesterday hosted a panel featuring Coca-Cola's Global CMO, Manolo Arroyo, who shared his insights into the future of marketing. The discussion highlighted the increasing importance of the role of marketing technology (martech) and artificial intelligence (AI) in shaping the industry's trajectory, and highlighting the need for training to drive marketing maturity.

Arroyo's emphasised that 90% of Coca-Cola's AI initiatives are dedicated to driving topline growth and effectiveness rather than just efficiency. The aim is clear: AI is not just a tool for doing things faster but a catalyst for doing things that drive tangible impact.

In an era where traditional media channels dominated Coca-Cola's marketing investment in 2019, the transition to AI-driven strategies by 2023 is noteworthy. Coca-Cola’s collaboration with OpenAI and the subsequent formation of an agile team to explore AI use cases signifies a bold step towards embracing innovation. Arroyo's commitment to martech and AI upskilling as his primary learning objective for the year sets a precedent for marketers worldwide.

The need for upskilling in martech and AI is not just for a select few but spans across the entire marketing spectrum. Every marketer today needs to be martech and AI literate. This foundational knowledge is crucial as it enables marketers to understand and leverage the tools that are increasingly becoming integral to their roles. Technology becomes more and more democratised, but the key is investing in training to truly enable marketers to embrace whats possible. While tech becomes more and more accessible it's not just about basic literacy. Digital, tech, data centric marketers also need to develop deeper competencies in AI and martech.

In conclusion, the insights from Cannes Lions underscore a crucial message: Martech and AI are not just the future—they are the present. For marketers to stay relevant and competitive, a commitment to continuous learning and upskilling in these areas is crucial. From foundational literacy to advanced proficiency, the journey of mastering martech and AI is a shared responsibility among all marketing professionals. Embrace it, innovate with it, and lead the transformation.

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