The Martech Report 22/23

Martech is more important than ever, and despite a more challenging economic situation in 2022, martech budgets are continuing to grow. The global market for Martech and Salestech is estimated to be worth $508.9bn.

As our latest State of Martech report finds organisations face a number of challenges around marketing technology. The biggest one is finding the skills and talent needed to drive martech initiatives.


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AntiConLX Global: Where technology meets marketing, sales & experience

25th May 2023, London

AntiConLX Global (formerly known as #MarTechFest) was launched in 2017 and has since grown to become the UKs premier marketing technology event.


AntiConLX DialUp APAC with Guy Kawasaki

18th October 2022, Online

AntiConLX Global: Where technology meets marketing, sales & experience

21st Oct 2022, London

AntiConLX Global (formerly known as #MarTechFest) was launched in 2017 and has since grown to become the UKs premier marketing technology event.


AntiConLX Global 2022 - How to Future-Proof Your Martech Stack

1st July 2022, AntiConLX 2022 On Demand

LXA MBA: Essentials of Marketing Operations

4th Nov 2022

This course is packed with everything from marketing ops organisation fit to campaign ops, to tech and project management - and everything in-between.


LXA MBA: Essentials of Marketing Technology

4th Nov 2022

This course covers the A-Z of auditing and developing your marketing technology strategy.


LXA MBA: Essentials of Growth Hacking

20th Feb 2023

This course will teach you the technical marketing, behavioural psychology and experimentation skills that underpin the cutting-edge field of growth hacking.


LXA MBA: Marketing Operations Mechanics

20th Feb 2023

This course will teach you how to accelerate marketing operations performance through no-code programming and the creative deployment of martech to build new tools and automate..


Periodic table of Martech and Marketing Operations

The Periodic table of martech and marketing operations contains a five stage process for looking at your organisation's marketing technology strategy.

Journey Orchestration Engines Buyer's Guide

Customer journey orchestration bridges the gaps between teams and touchpoints to actively manage the customer journey

Marketing Operations Best Practice Guide

It looks at the purpose of the marketing ops role, why it has become more important , how marketing ops teams are structured, and the responsibilities of the function.

Data Privacy Best Practice Guide

We’ll outline the key issues around data privacy that marketers need to understand. This will include an examination of trends around data privacy and implications for the collection and management..

AntiConLX DialUp with Scott Brinker & Darrell Alfonso

Watch our career special online AMA with Scott Brinker & Darrell Alfonso on-demand


Five Marketing Ops Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In his first guest article for LXA, Darrell Alfonso, Global Marketing Operations Manager at Amazon Web Services tells us about some common mistakes made by marketing ops professionals, and how to..


Martech Day 2022: The Release of the 2022 Supergraphic

Scott Brinker and Frans Riemersma, supported by LXA, give us a run down of the martech industry as a whole, and release the anticipated 2022 supergraphic.

What Is A Chief Experience Officer (CXO)?

Customer service is considered a priority for many companies. But who's responsible?


4 Things About Advertising That Don't Need to Be Said (but We're Saying Them Anyway)

Our experience as online consumers and targets of ads from birth means we're all latent advertising experts to a certain degree, right?

Why Precision Demand Marketing Starts With the Demand Acceleration Platform

Today, buyers call the shots, as they should. As a result, we need to rethink our B2B marketing strategies. We need to be buyer-driven and act with more precision, more touchpoints, and greater..

LXA MBA: Essentials of Marketing Operations In-house Training for your Company

Any dates, Online, just for your company


LXA MBA: Essentials of Marketing Technology In-house Training for your Company

Any dates, Online, just for your company


Getting Started with Conversational Marketing

Traditional marketers can get intimidated when writing for chat for the first time. It feels like a whole new landscape to learn.

4 Brand Awareness Campaign Ideas for Your ABM Strategy

What is brand awareness? It can mean effectively placing your brand in front of your most important audiences, no matter where they are.

B2B Game Changers Recap: 5 Key Takeaways for 2022 from Precision Demand Marketing Practitioners

In this B2B Game Changers Recap, learn from real-life Precision Demand practictioners about how the marketing landscape is changing, what they are investing in this year, and how they're approaching..

6 Ways to Optimize ABM With Website Personalization

ABM provides the account-level data needed to understand where buyers are in their journeys so how can marketers translate that to websites and landing pages to create a seamless customer experience?

Martech WebSesh: Martech & Marketing Ops Career Open Day

Watch on demand: 30 minute online presentation followed by a 15 min speaker Q&A. 


We Must Quit Our Unhealthy Obsession with Leads

We live in a world obsessed with leads. But, are they actually worth your time and money? Does sales really care about the magnitude of leads that marketing generates? 

The History of Marketo

Marketo is one of the most connected and open marketing platforms available to marketers, and supports both large enterprises and small businesses, across a bunch of different industries.

MOPs Perspective: What’s the Ideal MarTech Stack?

Content syndication efforts are often riddled with poor data quality and high costs. Learn how to make content syndication work for your business. Read More.

Brand is the Biggest Demand Driver

B2B marketing often lags a decade behind B2C marketing. If you want to know where B2B is going, then just take cues from B2C.

Marketing Ops Perspective: Three Steps to Improving Your Content Syndication Efforts in a Precision Demand Marketing World

Content syndication is a tried-and-true channel for B2B marketers. Here are three ways to improve your content syndication efforts to align with a Precision Demand Marketing approach.

Marketing Automation: Stats and Trends

There's a lot you need to know about Marketing Automation before you dive straight into the deep end. Here's some stats!

AntiConLX Global: The Formula for Marketing Operations Success

For all of you lucky enough to catch it at AntiConLX Global, Darrell gave us the skinny on the formula for marketing operations success. The mops maps, so to speak. Try saying that quickly 10 times. 

Marketing Campaigning - 8 Steps to Creating a Powerful Marketing Campaigns

8 Step Campaign Framework to creating a powerful marketing campaign. 


AntiConLX DialUp: Dear marketers and technologists, we need to talk about the shiny new tech you've got your eye on

When interrogating a best practise or shiny thing, S&S note that sometimes things ARE as good as they look. But this means that it might be good in another situation, and not yours directly. First..

A Methodology for Exceptional Marketing

A look into modern marketing and the effect of data on marketing. Creative teams are having to use data to reach the right audience. They need to provide maximum integration for happy collaboration..


How to audit your marketing stack

Carlos talks about the change in learning and Martech. 


How to Identify Your Operational Approach

Moni talks about the role of marketing operations and how to have a philosophical approach to operations. 


Lost in the MarTech Maze? Discover How The Right Toolkits Can Unleash Your Full Marketing Potential

Marketo's Melanie Gipp takes the stage at AntiConLX Global (formerly #MarTechFest Global) in 2019. Watch her session.

Martech LeadGen & Marketing Automation Trends

Trends in marketing automation and lead generation in this year and the whole decade. 


AntiConLX DialUp: MOPs and simple tech hacks that can make your campaigns magical

MOPs help marketing campaigns play nicely with your marketing automation system, and with any other martech that touches the ecosystem that your teams may be responsible for.

Top 5 lessons to delivering a successful Marketing Cloud Implementation

This presentation looks at the recipe of success. 1. Vision and Strategy, 2. Data, 3. Process, 4. People and 5. Technology.


AntiConLX DialUp: The MOPs playbook - Crawl, Walk & Run Your Way To Success

We're all familiar with the 5 Pillars. Product, price, place, promotion and, most recently, people. Although we here at the LXA would also like to propose 'Party' be added to the list. Instead,..

The Rise of Marketing Operations: Building a path to business impact and career success. 

A presentation on marketing operations and how the industry is constantly growing and changing. He discusses how to achieve success and how your team can grow influence and impact and how to stand..


5 Practical (and Not So Obvious) Tips to Improve Your Marketing Automation Setup Today

This presentation looks the 5 not so obvious tips to improving your marketing automation. For instance, Tip 1: Track Data Source. 


10 Insights from 1000's of marketing stacks

Catch the founder and CEO of CabinetM Anita Brearton presenting at the inaugural AntiConLX Dial Up (formaerly #MarTechFest Dial Up) in 2020

Why Marketing Operations is the hottest rising profession & how you can capitalize on it

A talk about marketing operations and how organisations are now seeing how important marketing operations are.


Agile marketing in times of crisis

How to use agile principals and practices to work more effectively in crazy times of change.


Marketing stacks - Developing a Scalable Martech Stack

Most marketers run into issues when trying to grow their existing stack. This presentation discusses how we can do better under pressure. This can be an opportunity to get the most out of your..


The future of digital working - perspectives from a tribe of GenZ marketing consultants

Watch this session from Jay Richards, founder of Imagen Insights, a qualitative and quantitative insight sourcing company from the global Gen Z community.

HubSpot Reveals New Improvements to its CRM

Little bit of CRM news for you today. Hold onto your hats. 

Coinciding with the Virtual Inbound conference, Hubspot has announced a major upgrade of its CRM, turning its focus to three C's;..

5 ways technology can solve hybrid and remote work challenges

To keep employees engaged, businesses need to adapt to a digital workplace and embrace technology. Here are 5 ways to use technology for remote work.

The working world doesn’t look like it used..

WebSesh: The A to Z of Replatforming your Marketing Automation

In our latest webinar, we spoke to two Toms and a Floris on the latest in all things Marketing Automation, specifically on how you can run through the A-Z of marketing automation platform migrations...

What, Why, How of Marketing Operations (MOPs)

Not that long ago, the Marketing Operations role didn't exist. Now, 60% of large tech companies have hired staff into a formal Marketing Operations role. So, what is is?

What is a Martech Stack?

What is a headless a Martech Stack? How do I make one and do I even need one? This article will tell you everything you need to know!

Your Buyer is Telling You Their Story. But Are You Listening?

The new B2B buyer journey is anything but linear. Learn how to plan a buyer-centric and omnichannel marketing and sales funnel with precision demand marketing.

Four Tips to Improve Your Chatbots

With chatbots becoming more and more vital in the world of Customer Service and Experience, you need to make sure yours is up to scratch. Here's how to improve yours...

Why Marketing Executives Need to Speak Marketing Operations (MOPs)

Senior Marketing executives need to better understand their Marketing Operations team if they want to achieve their strategic objectives. Learn why!

Meet the odd couple: Creative + Operations

Creative operations brings structure, process and metrics to the creative process to optimize timeliness, capacity and costs. It involves looking at the creative process like a supply chain and..

The Yin to the Yang: Marketing Operations and Demand Generation Teams

See how demand gen and marketing operations teams are like yin and yang. Learn how harmony with the two drives results in integrated B2B marketing strategies.

Why Marketing Operations is the Hottest Rising Profession and how You can Capitalize on it

As the martech stack goes beyond just automation, and as it absorbs more of the sales cycle, tech becomes a centre focus. From the embracing of these new technologies comes the need to hire..

What, Why, How of Marketing Stack Management

A lot of change can unfold in the transformative digital world over the course of a year - we don’t have to look much further than the progression of the Marketing Technology Landscape to be reminded.


MarTech Tool Consolidation: Three benefits to simplifying your tech stack

With over 8,000 marketing technology tools on the market, it’s no surprise that digital teams are dealing with tool fatigue. Tools are often under-utilized, teams aren’t properly trained on how to..

The Rise of Marketing Operations

Amazon joined us at AntiConLX DialUp Series 2 with as Darrell brought us his brilliant session titled: “The Rise Of Marketing Operations: success in your work, your team and your career.” 

How to Identify Your Operational Approach

Moni Oloyede delivers another knock-out sesh: “How to Identify Your Operational Approach” at AntiConLX DialUp Series 2

National Working from Home Week

In honour of National Working from Home Week (next joke) we thought we'd play Devil's advocate and weigh up the pros and cons of working from home.

4 Marketing Roles Every CMO Needs in Their Team in 2020

The Data Scientist, Marketing Technologist, Marketing Operations Manager and the Content Marketer. Why you need them on your team in 2020.

Agile Marketing: Are You a Lover or a Hater?

The Agile craze has been sweeping the marketing nation for a few years now. While some love, some also love to hate.

The Role Explained: Marketing Operations Managers

Marketing Operations Managers (or MOPs) are revolutionising the new digital marketing era.

Best Working From Home Tweets

To give you a laugh during this uncertain time here are some of the best working from home tweets we’ve come across

Is agile always the answer?

At AntiConLX 2019, Scott Brinker, Carlos Doughty, Tamsin Anasati-Pace and Sinem Soydar got together to answer - Is Agile Always the Answer?

What is scrum?

Sadly no, we’re not talking about rugby players…but we are going to tackle the subject of scrum (#sorrynotsorry).