2024 Predictions for Marketing & Sales Technology


The sales and marketing landscape is moving at an unprecedented pace, and businesses face a wide range of challenges adapting to changing technology and customer behaviour. 

For this report, we've gathered insights from a diverse range of sales and marketing experts, including Dr Christine Bailey, Darrell Alfonso, John Hardy and Scott Brinker to identify the key trends shaping the martech and salestech landscape in 2023 and expectations for 2024. 

Key trends we explore include: 

  • The rapid growth of AI and how this will play out in 2024.
  • Data challenges organisations face in 2024, as they move away from current third-party data strategies.
  • How marketers can strike the right balance between providing personalised experiences and customer data privacy.
  • The key challenges around talent and skills organisations face as they look to adopt and use sales and marketing technology.