Workshop: AI Enabled Marketing

Unpack how to build and embed an AI-enabled approach to marketing excellence. 

This workshop will take you from the history of AI to understanding its capability in practical terms for marketing. It will walk you through the core different applications of AI to marketing across creation, decisioning and activation, analytics and insight.


You'll explore 3 comprehensive modules diving into AI fundamentals, dynamic landscape insights, and crafting effective AI strategies. Strengthen your foundational knowledge and gain practical insights, tools, and resources for seamlessly integrating AI into your marketing strategies. This workshop will guide you through the step-by-step process, ensuring a smooth adoption and integration of AI capabilities for optimal marketing performance.

Chapter 1: Understanding AI

Dive into the history and evolution of AI, dispelling common myths and providing a hands-on exploration of AI logic. Discover the direct link between AI capabilities and marketing functions, delving into real-world applications such as creation, decisioning, activation, analytics, insight, and productivity. This concise introduction ensures you gain practical insights into leveraging AI effectively within marketing and business.
  • The brief history & evolution of AI​
  • Understanding key concepts and common misconceptions ​
  • AI made simple – A practical and easily understood overview of AI logic and functionality​
  • Framing AI capabilities to marketing functions and business outcomes​
  • Understanding the range of AI marketing use cases​
    • AI Creation​
    • AI Decisioning & Activation​
    • AI Analytics & Insight​
    • AI Productivity

Chapter 2: AI in action - Tactics & hacks

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of AI with a comprehensive overview of the current landscape and major tools in the market. Explore the top 5 AI marketing tools through in-depth reviews. Unlock the secrets of prompt engineering excellence, and learn to build and play with the power of no code, AI, and automation. This chapter is your gateway to practical tactics and hacks for harnessing AI's full potential in real-world scenarios.
  • Overview of the current AI landscape & major tools in the market​
  • 5 top AI marketing tools reviewed​
  • Prompt engineering excellence unpacked​
  • Build and play with no code, AI & automation

Chapter 3: Developing an AI strategy

Master crafting a powerful AI strategy for superior marketing performance. Dive into creative AI marketing designs to enhance your strategies, align business goals with AI initiatives seamlessly, and ensure compliance and ethical considerations for responsible deployment. Gain practical insights on building a proficient AI specialist team by understanding essential capabilities, competencies, and organisational structures. The chapter culminates with a forward-looking perspective on the future of AI ("AI of the Possible"), providing valuable insights into emerging trends that could shape your marketing strategies in the coming decade.
  • AI Marketing design – Ideating how AI initiatives could drive your marketing performance​
  • AI Initiative development – Business and marketing goals, marketing use case to AI initiative alignment​
  • Assurance - AI risks, compliance and ethics​
  • Building an AI specialist team​
    • Capabilities & competencies​
    • Roles & functions​
    • Team org structure​

  • AI of the possible – A look at what the next 10 years in AI might hold


Thursday, 6th June 2024
16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST / 11:00 EDT / 08:00 PDT
Carlos Doughty
1-2 hours
£395 (GBP) / $495 (USD)

Learning Outcomes

  1. Clear understanding of AI marketing concepts, terminology and methodology​

  2. Uncover the key principles for AI project success​

  3. Build practical use cases for deploying AI in your own marketing activity​

  4. Be inspired by the possibilities for AI-driven marketing

  5. Become a strategic AI thinker in your workplace

  6. Build a portfolio of AI tools to improve efficiency and effectiveness​

  7. Take advantage of the AI capabilities of your current martech stack

Tools & Resources

The workshop offers a selection of fully editable resources to support participants in their AI enabled marketing journey. These can be downloaded for future projects.

  • AI key initiatives planner
  • AI marketing tools directory
  • State of AI Marketing Research Report
  • AI-Driven Growth Best Practice Guide
20230201A-RBPG-AAA-ZNA AI-Driven-Growth-Best-Practice-Guide---Resource---Cover-only

Learning Design

1.5 hours of video

Completion Badge

4 Tools & Resources

Slack Community


Fully Online


£395 (GBP) / $495 (USD)


Instructor: Carlos Doughty

  • Founder & CEO of LXA. Bootstrapped the business from his sofa to the global leading education business in tech, growth marketing, martech and marketing ops​
  • Built a 0 to 100k+ community of tech, marketing, martech, ad tech, salestech, lovers​
  • Rich experience in digital transformation programmes from CRM, MAP to CDP​
  • Deep knowledge and expertise in running tech and marketing programmes​
  • Experience consulting on projects for enterprise through to start-ups, cross-industry, for brands such as HSBC, Euromoney, JP Morgan and Freshfields​
  • Global experience delivering projects across London, New York, Beijing, Hangzhou, Singapore, and more​
  • Regular keynote speaker at marketing & tech events across the globe​
  • Nearly two decades of growth, marketing and tech experience​
  • Host of the #MarketingBookClub having interviewed the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin and Scott Galloway, to name a few​
  • Named MarTech Business Leader of the Year (UK)


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