Get a Sneak Peek: See the MarTech & Marketing Ops framework in Action


Catch a glimpse into the coursework from AppLearn's Marketing Operations Manager, Maja Sanchez, a Certificate: Marketing Technology (MarTech) Essentials alum who harnessed the power of LXA's 5Ps of Martech and Marketing Ops framework to help develop her company's marketing tech strategy. 

🎯 The Challenge: Transitioning AppLearn's model amid a series of investments, shifting its focus from consultative services to a SaaS offering for mid-market customers due to the impact of COVID-19. AppLearn's current strategy centres on aggressive growth, emphasising the acquisition of new customers, expansion within its ideal customer profile (ICP), and retaining and upselling existing accounts. 

🌟 The Goal: AppLearn aspires to become a leading Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) vendor by increasing revenue and customer base, extending its presence within the identified ICP, and strengthening relationships with current clients. To achieve these objectives, marketing has been reoriented to prioritise new logo growth after previously emphasising lead generation, which affected long-term marketing-sourced pipeline and revenue generation.

⚙️ The Framework: Utilising LXA's 5Ps - Planning & Strategy, Process & Marketing Operations, Platforms, Applications & Ecosystems, People & Teams, and Pioneer & Pilot, it provided the framework for Maja's marketing overhaul. 

The following presentation is a snippet that focuses on Module 4: MarTech Platforms, Apps & Ecosystems, which entails evaluating the existing tech stack, identifying redundant tools, and integrating essential platforms. The process allowed Maja to take the opportunity to re-evaluate the processes that sit around each tool to ensure it supported the company’s business strategy.

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Discover the full potential of the MarTech framework for your business.

Built around the LXA 5Ps model, the Certificate: Marketing Technology (MarTech) Essentials course will provide you with a holistic overview of the what, why, and how of martech.

With 12 weeks of flexible learning, you'll gain proficiency in:

  • Conducting a martech audit and mapping to diagnose key barriers to martech maturity and identifying the key initiative for driving your martech vision 
  • Actioning insights from effective customer journey mapping to delivering a better customer experience
  • Gaining a deep understanding of marketing operations effectiveness and efficiency in core components
  • Running a martech gap analysis and effectively selecting the appropriate tools to design your marketing stack
  • Understanding the roles and functions to incorporate into the marketing operations function and adapt the RACI model to drive your business performance